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Ramesh Sarao

Karnal, 17 April

Karnanagari-Karnaal will be the second time in a row that the Chief Minister will be at the doorstep of the voters. By-election is happening in Karnal due to political situation. Along with the ten Lok Sabha seats in the state, voting will also be held for the by-elections to be held in Karnal Halke on May 25. Of course, the tenure of Karnal’s MLA after the by-election will be about five months, but the leaders will have to put in as much as five years.

The Karnal by-election is the biggest fire test for the ruling BJP. On the other hand, the main opposition party – Congress feels that after the victory in the by-election, its grip on this belt will be strengthened. Chief Minister Naib Singh Saini has been declared as the candidate on behalf of BJP. At the same time, the Congress leaders are fighting over the ticket. Many leaders are contenders for the ticket, but the issue of external and local candidates in the by-elections has become hotter now.

2014 के बाद से अभी तक करनाल नहीं माला है In 2014, BJP made Manohar Lal its candidate. Of course, Manohar Lal was a new face for the people of Karnal but somewhere the voters had realized that he could become the Chief Minister if the BJP government was formed. People gave him full support in the first election. He won the first election with a margin of 63 thousand 773 votes by getting 82 thousand 485 votes.

Independent candidate Jai Prakash Gupta got 18 thousand 712 votes against him. At the same time Manoj Wadhwa of INEL got 17 thousand 685 and Surendra Narwal of Congress got only 12 thousand 804 votes. BJP came to power for the first time with an absolute majority with 47 seats in the assembly elections of October-2014 and made Manohar Lal the chief minister of the state. After this, Manohar Lal contested elections from Karnal for the second consecutive time in 2019. But this time he was contesting as Chief Minister.

Although his margin of victory narrowed in the second election, there was no obstacle in front of him. In 2019, Manohar Lal got 79 thousand 906 votes and in front of him Trilochan Singh of Congress got 34 thousand 718 votes. On 12 March, Manohar Lal resigned from the post of Chief Minister. A day later i.e. on 13th March he also resigned from Karnal assembly seat. On the same day, BJP also announced him as Lok Sabha candidate from करनाल से. Naib Singh Saini was made the Chief Minister of the state in place of Manohar Lal.

In fact, Manohar Lal vacated the Karnal seat only for Naib Saini so that he could easily work till the upcoming assembly elections by winning the by-election. Presently Naib Singh Saini is MP from Kurukshetra. He has been made CM without being an MLA. As per the rules, he has to become an MLA within six months. Because of this they are being contested from Karnal. Earlier in 2014, Naib Singh Saini was MLA from Narayangarh constituency of Ambala district.

An uproar broke out among Congressmen

Many Congress leaders are running for tickets for Karnal Halke by-elections. Trilochan Singh, who will contest the elections in 2019, is also considered to be the strongest contender for the ticket. The name of Sumita Singh who was MLA from here is also discussed. Apart from working state president Suresh Gupta, ex-Indri MLA Bhimsen Mehta and Arun Punjabi, there are many other leaders who are lobbying for the ticket. There is also discussion among local congressmen about this issue – if this time the party gives ticket to a local leader then the contest will be interesting. Ticketing to outsiders can be expensive.

The decision of the candidate will be made by Hudda

Congress sources connected to Delhi say that the party leadership has decided on former CM and Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Singh Hooda regarding the Karnal by-election candidate. Lok Sabha candidates were discussed in the meeting of the screening committee but the former CM was asked to form a panel regarding the candidate of Karnal. On the other hand, the anti-Huda camp has argued that if a strong face from Karnal is given a ticket, then the Chief Minister’s election may get stuck. However, apart from Karnal, the eyes of the people of the entire state are on the Congress candidate.

Know when who was MLA

MLA of the year

1967 Ram Lal

1968 Shanti Prasad

1972 Ram Lal

1977 Ram Lal

1982 Shanti Devi

1987 Laxman Das

1991 Jai Prakash Gupta

1996 Shashipal Mehta

2000 Jai Prakash Gupta

2005 Sumita Singh

2009 Sumita Singh

2014 Manohar Lal

2019 Manohar Lal

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