Lifestyle1 in 3 Americans believe they could survive an apocalypse

1 in 3 Americans believe they could survive an apocalypse

34% of Americans believe they may be the only survivor of an apocalypse.

This is according to a new survey conducted by Quiznos and OnePoll of 2,000 adults that asked them how they think they would survive during an apocalypse.

Many respondents said they would survive longer than others, why they have strong survival skills (54%) and adaptability (53%).

Respondents also shared who they would like to have on their team during an apocalypse.

People said their ideal team includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (43%), Chuck Norris (36%), Superman (33%), John Cena (26%) and MacGyver (23%).

And when it comes to food during the end times, respondents said they are most likely to eat canned meat or fish (30%), peanut butter (26%) and sandwiches (13%).

Others would opt for canned beans (21%) or dried fruit (23%).

Respondents added that some of their favorite foods they would miss if the world ended are pizza (38%), fruit (24%) and sandwiches (17%).

Additionally, during an apocalypse, 56% of Americans said that being picky couldn’t be an option since they would eat literally anything they could find.


1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — 43%

2. Chuck Norris — 36%

3. Superman — 33%

4. John Cena — 26%

5. MacGyver — 23%

6. “Bear” Grylls — 22%

7. Samuel Jackson — 22%

8. Jackie Chan — 18%

9. Elon Musk — 17%

10. Indiana Jones — 15%

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