Lifestyle107-year-old man attributes his long life to three foods

107-year-old man attributes his long life to three foods

Britain’s 12th oldest man turned 107 and revealed the secret to his longevity.

Leonard Howes, born in 1916, served in the Second World War, witnessed the reign of five different monarchs in his lifetime and has already received four birthday cards from Buckingham Palace: one when he turned 100, another at 105 and another two in the following years.

Leonard, the oldest person in his hometown of Bristol, celebrated turning 107 with his entire family.

Carol Howes, her daughter-in-law, commented: “She attributes her longevity to eating Shredded Wheat with whole milk and lots of sugar for as long as she can remember.”

Leonard Howes and his bowl of Shredded Wheat

(Carol Howes/SWNS)

Len, as he is affectionately nicknamed by his family, left school at the age of 14 to train as a plumber.

In 1937, the Bristol City football fan got a job at the UK General Post Office, where he worked for the next 44 years, retiring in 1981, at the age of 65, just after the company folded. became British Telecom.

Len served in the Second World War in the Royal Signal Corps as an electrical engineer.

He was stationed at a military station in Wiltshire, Box Hill, during the blitz and repaired bomb damage to telephone cables.

He also worked intercepting possible communications and electrical signals from enemy lines at Forest Moor “Y” station, a British Royal Navy land base in Harrogate.

(Carol Howes/SWNS)

On Victory in Europe Day 1945, Len marched proudly through the city, cheered by the crowds.

Leonard Howes with his wife Alice in their youth.

(Courtesy of Carol Howes/SWNS)

As for his family, his parents died in 1945 and 1946, while his wife Alice died in December 2000, at the age of 81. The couple was married for 60 years.

Len has lived in Newquay, Cornwall, with David, his only son, and his daughter-in-law Carol for 10 years.

Len Howes in Mallorca, in 1972.

(Courtesy of Carol Howes/SWNS)

Carol added: “Len had a great time celebrating with the rest of the family including grandson Nick, granddaughter Jenny and great-grandsons Ollie and Jacob.”

“We always think of a theme for his birthday cake and this year it was fish and chips and mushy peas made with fondant, his favorite food. So all day Saturday we ate all fish and chips.”

Carol stated that Len, despite being almost deaf, is still active and informed about current affairs and exercising his brain.

Len Howes was born on October 14, 1916, in Bristol, England.

(Carol Howes/SWNS)

He also noted: “At the age of 95 we gave him an iPad that he uses every day to follow the news and solve crossword puzzles.”

“Also use the app Find My Friends to follow the family on their visiting trips from Bristol and Swindon.”

“Lately, he has become a little forgetful and uses a walker to get around because his legs are unstable, but for his age he is doing extremely well.”

He turned 107 years old on October 14.

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