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12-year-old girl treated with limb-preservation surgery for leg bone cancer – dainiktribuneonline.com

Chandigarh, 10 September (Trinew)

A 12-year-old girl from Jammu suffering from aggressive bone cancer (Ewing Sarcoma) got a new lease of life after successful treatment at Paras Health Panchkula. Limb Salvage Surgery / Limb Preservation Surgery was done using cryotherapy technique of the girl.

Consultant Ortho-Oncosurgery Dr. Jagandeep Singh Virk said that bone cancer was diagnosed in the leg bone of the girl 2 months ago. Chemotherapy was started in the beginning. In this surgery, the cancerous bone is cut out of the body and recycled/sterilized in the operation theater using liquid nitrogen/cryotherapy technique. The cut cancerous bone was immersed in liquid nitrogen (which is a liquid chemical below zero to 196°C) for about 20 minutes and kept at OT room temperature for 15 minutes and then immersed in distilled water for 10 minutes. And then it was implanted back into the patient’s leg from where it was removed.

Dr. Jagandeep Singh Virk explained that this cryotherapy technique kills all cancer cells in the bone and disinfects the bone before reimplanting it in the patient. This technique is also called recycling autograft technique as the same cancerous bone is recycled/sterilized and placed back in the patient where it was extracted. After the surgery, the girl was made to stand up and walk with the help of a walker and started strength training and physiotherapy from the next day.

Complete healing of the osteotomy site (वह स्थान जहान से हैडी काती जाती है) can be expected in 6-7 months, by which time the patient can resume all normal activities like running, cycling and all other regular activities. Which other children of his age do. Giving information Dr. Jagandeep Singh Virk said that this technique was pioneered by Japanese surgeons a few years ago and has been applied to thousands of bone cancer patients with very good results.

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