Global2024 Olympics: “Russian athletes should not participate in the Olympics”

2024 Olympics: “Russian athletes should not participate in the Olympics”

But on Tuesday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) simply indicated that athletes from these two countries, admitted under neutral banners, would not parade during the opening ceremony on July 26.

“I regret that the International Olympic Committee has decided not to follow our call,” notes Theodoros Rousopoulos.

“The fundamental principles of Olympism are, (…) by definition, opposed to war. So I ask the question: should athletes from a country that has invaded another participate in the Olympic Games and represent proudly this country?”, asks the PACE president.

“In other words: can we condemn Russia for bombing Ukrainian civilians, kidnapping children, torturing prisoners, carrying out massacres – and then applauding its athletes? Knowing that many of these athletes are indeed engaged in Russian army, and the vast majority of them receive state salaries?” he continues.

2024 Olympics: Russians and Belarusians “will not parade” during the opening ceremony

First banned from world sport, the Russians and Belarusians were admitted to the Games last year under strict conditions by the IOC.

Stripped of their national colors, the athletes from the two countries should however be few in number: according to IOC experts there will be a maximum of 55 Russians and 28 Belarusians, much less than at the Tokyo Games where there were 330 and 104 respectively.

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