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50% of French people believe that Marine Le Pen is sincere in her fight against anti-Semitism, according to a survey

Among these politicians was Marine Le Pen, whose presence in the procession was contested by the left as well as the majority due to her party’s anti-Semitic past. However, she affirmed that they were “exactly where they should be”.

BFMTV therefore asked itself the question: do the French consider that the politician was in her place in the demonstration? To answer this, the media conducted a major survey via the Elabe research firm. Against all expectations, 60% of French people think that the right-wing politician and the National Rally had their place in the procession. 57% also felt that Marine Le Pen was sincere in her fight against anti-Semitism. Only 20% felt she was completely insincere. In addition, 60% also believed that the National Rally was legitimate as a political party.

Regarding confidence in Marine Le Pen in her fight against anti-Semitism, only 35 to 36% agree.

According to the survey, we also understand that 81% of French people are worried about the increase in the number of anti-Semitic acts. Few of them have confidence in the usefulness of the march which took place on Sunday as well as those which are to come. Only 14% believe that these marches will sustainably strengthen national unity.

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