Global8 Mexican farm workers die after an accident in Florida

8 Mexican farm workers die after an accident in Florida

A bus transporting legal Mexican farm workers overturned yesterday morning in the state of Florida, United States, after colliding with a van driven by a drunk person, leaving eight dead and about 44 people. injuries, eight of which were in serious condition.

According to the state Highway Patrol, 53 people were traveling in the vehicle, most of them of Mexican origin, who were traveling through Marion County; Moments after colliding with a pickup truck, the bus left the road, crashed through a fence and overturned.

In the images it could be seen that both the truck that caused the accident and the bus were left in a place without people, and the emergency services immediately arrived to transport the injured people to the nearest hospitals.

After the tragedy, long lines of cars were seen waiting to continue their journeys, because, despite the accident, vehicular traffic was only stopped for a couple of hours.

Patrick Riordan, spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol, confirmed in a conference the death of the eight workers, in addition to the fact that eight of the injured people were in an “extremely serious” condition, including the driver.

“At this point a large-scale vehicular homicide investigation is underway for the road incident. “I can tell you it will probably be at least six months before we conclude, specifically, what happened here today,” he said.

When referring to the issue, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico, Alicia Bárcena, regretted the accident and confirmed that Mexican workers were among the victims: “I regret to report that a tragic car accident occurred in Florida with Mexican agricultural workers involved. The Mexican Consulate in Orlando is on site to support and provide consular protection.”

The workers were legal farm laborers and were part of Cannon Farms, a family-owned agricultural business that has farmed its land for more than 100 years and specializes in peanuts and watermelons that it ships to other states in the United States and Canada.

“Most of them had permission (…) we are going to give attention to all people,” commented Roberto Velasco, head of the North American Unit of the Mexican Foreign Ministry. While at night, the chancellor indicated that the eight deceased Mexicans were men with H-2A Visa.

Marion Sheriff Billy Woods said they are a very large county and during these times of the year it is common to see many farm workers traveling on similar buses.

Authorities in the United States confirmed that the driver involved in the accident was arrested and charged with at least eight charges, including homicide, because it was detected that he was intoxicated.


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