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80% bonus in the municipal ICIO for a rehabilitation work in the Plaza de España

The Seville City Council, governed by the popular José Luis Sanz, celebrates its ordinary plenary session of the month on Thursday of this week, with an agenda that includes declaring special interest with the corresponding 80% bonus on the Construction and Facilities Tax and Works (ICIO), a rehabilitation work in the building of the monumental Plaza de España, whose closure the local government of the PP intends to charge the entrance fee to tourists and harvest funds for the conservation of the enclave; fruit of the Technical Building Inspection (ITE). The proposal, collected by ., includes “estimating the request for a declaration of special interest for the rehabilitation work derived from the ITE of the building located in the Plaza de España, with the General Directorate of State Heritage acting as taxable subject of the tax and as a taxpayer” the company Kalam Proyectos y Rehabilitación; as well as “recognize the right to the 80 percent bonus on the tax quota, in accordance with the provisions of article 45 of the Tax Ordinance on Social Solidarity Measures, Promotion of Economic Activity and Promotion of Employment of 2023. WHAT THE ORDINANCE SAYS Said article of the ordinance states, verbatim, that “the rehabilitation actions of buildings protected by current planning with protection levels A, B and C, which may be framed in the concepts of minor and partial reform.” This, in a framework in which the City Council, owner of the space of the square included between the benches of the provinces and the balustrade, proposes to the State, responsible for the banks of the provinces , the gallery and the building of this complex declared an asset of cultural interest (BIC), an agreement to completely close this monumental site and charge tourists an entrance fee from which residents of the capital Seville and its province would be exempt. DISTRIBUTION OF INCOME Box office revenues, according to the idea of ​​the local PP Government, would be distributed with 75 percent to the municipal coffers and 25 percent to the State, ensuring, according to the City Council, free citizen access to state agencies. of the complex, which houses the headquarters of the Government Delegation in Andalusia, the Subdelegation, the Immigration Services, the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation (CHG) or the Land Force Headquarters of the Army. The objective, according to the local PP government, is to harvest income with which to “finance the conservation” of the monument and “maintain a 24-hour surveillance service” there, as well as to open a school for “permanent restoration.” ” for this emblematic monument and for other spaces linked to the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929, in view of the commemoration of its centenary. The central government of the PSOE and Sumar, for their part, have insisted that they will not “allow any privatization of public space”; ensuring that in recent years, the Seville City Council “has received 56 percent more financial resources” than during the years of the popular Mariano Rajoy’s executive and that the Seville mayor’s proposal weighs “plainly and simply the interest of the privatization and that Sanz “does not know how to manage the resources” he has.

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