GlobalA crazy day in DH men: the 15 goals of the Dragons,...

A crazy day in DH men: the 15 goals of the Dragons, the success of Louvain, the miracle of Watducks

The comeback that does not erase the evils of Watducks

Watducks – Oree 3-2

Watducks : Vandenbroucke; Dumont, Van Oost, Charlet, Petit; de Paeuw, Willems, Wilbers; Ghislain, Dykmans, Rogeau; then De Backer, Sidler, Depelsenaire, Fauchey

edge : Thieffry; Willems, Raemdonck, Dohmen, Beckers; Thiery, Curty, Masso; Mr. Branicki, Domene, Plennevaux; then Simar, Stockbroekx, Gencarelli, Bogaerts, Langer.

Referees : Miss C. Martin-Schmets and G. Boutte

Green cards : 28th De Backer, 46th Van Oost

The goals : 22nd Simar (0-1), 51st Domene (0-2), 63rd Dykmans (1-2), 65th Charlet on pc (2-2), 70th Dykmans (3-2)

Penalty corner : Watducks 1/3 and Orée 0/5

The match started in the 11th minute with a pc from Orée for a backstick from Van Oost which looked more like a nice defensive gesture. On the phase played by Domene, Vandenbroucke was excellent. L’Orée caused a 2nd pc in the 13th minute. The sleep at Plennevaux knocked Charlet down. Simar’s was going by. The Watducks inherited the best chance of this first quarter with this shot from De Backer in the 17th minute, but it missed the target. On a nice acceleration from Domene, his cross led to Simar who found the side netting (0-1). The Orée had not stolen this advantage. The Watducks was struggling to build. On a spectacular recovery from Dumont, Ghislain received the ball in the circle, but could not shoot. Sidler repaired an error by Van Oost in the 27th minute. The Red Lion had lost the ball and allowed Branicki to spin alone in the circle. Sidler blocked the shot. On a flick from Willems, Ghislain entered the circle, but he shot wide of the ball. The Watducks conceded their 4th pc. On the rebound, Plennevaux adjusted a big winning shot. But, the Watducks had seen a kick. Céline Martin-Schmets validated the goal which was canceled by Germain boutte. Simar was still on the detour in stride. Dohmen was on target with a big shot. The Watducks did not come out of the water against a team from Orée who mastered their subject. On a flat shot from Willems, Ghislain deflected the ball for Rogeau. His shot was deflected. The game was racing at the end of the half. The Watducks were doing well with this score at 0-1 even if the acceleration of Dykmans on the baseline at the last second was interesting.

In the 3rd quarter, Rogeau lost his duel with Thieffry. L’Oree replied with a fifth pc. Vandenbroucke confirmed his big match by taking out Domene’s sleep. Vandenbroucke was still stratospheric on a shot on target from Domene. The Watducks were playing better and better. But, the Orée too. Domene deceived the security guard of Vandenbroucke who could do nothing about the breakthrough of the Argentinian who found the skylight.

In the last quarter, Ghislain went for a first pc for the Watducks. The Brabançons pushed, but the Orée defense did not give up ground. Gaëtan Dykmans deflected a big cross from the stroke point which touched the crossbar before entering the goal (1-2). What purpose ! In the 64th minute, the Watducks inherited their 2nd pc. Charlet equalized. The Watducks had just changed their entire game in two minutes. Dykmans deflected a cross from Dumont, but Thieffry got the ball out. Roger also had another shot.

Dykmans offered victory to Watducks in the 70th minute. His crossfire was sumptuous and valuable. On the throw-in, the Orée obtained a final pc which ended with a ball in the ribs of Van Oost.

L’Orée fulminated against the refereeing duo whom he considers responsible for his defeat.

The Daring held out for half time

Leopold – Daring 5-2

Leopold: Reynaud; J. Verdussen, Zimmer, Van Strydonck, Forgues; Boccard, Cuvelier, Baumgarten; A. Verdussen, Englebert, Boon; then Mushs, De Trez, Eaton, Degroote and Leeuw

Daring: Feldheim; Brunet, Bonanni, Legrain, Bell; Salis, Leffler, Denis; Van Linthoudt, Jacqmotte, Esmenjaud; then Cosyns, Bindels, Delos, Smets and Noppe

Referees: Mrs. M. Sergeant and Mr. G. Uyttenhove

Green cards: 24th Esmenjaud, 42nd Legrain, 55th Bell

yellow card : 69th Van strydonck

The goals : 5th A. Verdussen on pc (1-0), 16th Boon on pc (2-0), 30th Bell on pc (2-1), 35th Bell on pc (2-2), 46th Baumgarten (3-2), 57th Boon on pc (4-2), 64th Baumgarten (5-2)

Penalty corner : Leopold 3/4, Daring 2/4

Leopold, authoritarian leader of the championship, welcomed Daring, penultimate in the classification, which saw one of its opponents for the maintenance race, Louvain, win earlier in the day. At Leo, Reynaud was in the cages. At Daring, we noted the return to the workforce of Geoffroy Cosyns.

Facing catchy Molenbeekois, the Léo packed the entry match and got several interesting situations. And quickly, the Leo opened the scoring by the youngest Verdussen present on the field, Arthur, who deflected the ball into the goal on pc. The Daring played low as since the resumption after the break and bet on the counter, leaving possession to the visited. Who doubled the bet via their in-house artificer, Tom Boon, who concretized a new pc. At 2-0, we could expect a difficult game for Daring. But the rhythm of the match fell and the Daring managed to get two pc in the last 5 of the first period. Both times Bell put them in the goal. At halftime, the score was indeed two everywhere.

From the beginning of the third quarter, the Leo pressed on the accelerator, the game happening exclusively in the 50 of Dar ‘. After a first brandille from Forgues, his friend in the France team Gaspard Baumgarten made the powder speak and sent a missile towards the goal of Feldheim. Leo was definitely reassured in the 57th minute when Boon cleared the skylight of the opposing goal from a sleep master. Baumgarten gave the score its final look after another good recovery in the ceiling of the goal at the end of the game. After the defeat against the Dragons, the Leo will have shown a good reaction. As for the Daring, after 3 games against Ghent, the Wat and the Leo, their second round begins unofficially next week in an extremely important match against the Old Club.

An honest sharing that does not help anyone

Racing – Braxgata 2-2

Racing : Gucassoff; Xavier, Wegnez, Lambeau, Weyers; Truyens, Meurmans, Cabuy; Cosyns, Charlier, De Chaffoy; then Vanwetter, Luccaconi, Cayphas, Malherbe, Cornez-Massant

Braxgata:Walter; Van Steerteghem, Loots, Luypaert, Van Cleynenbreughel; T. Biekens, Clement, Walsh; Onana, Walker, Van Biesen; then Mazzili, Rossi, Mazzili, Adriaensen, Van Straaten

Referees: MM. D. Van Den Eede and T. Croese

Green card : 69th Onana

The goals : 23rd Cosyns on pc (1-0), 39th Van Cleynenbreugel on pc (1-1), 46th Cosyns on pc (2-1), 63rd Luypaert on stroke (2-2)

Penalty corner: Racing (2/13), Braxgata (1/1)

On the one hand, a still hesitant Racing (8-7 in these two resumption matches) on the other an Antwerp team which resumed in force and which even made Leo tremble. We therefore expect a lot from this meeting. We quickly get to the heart of the matter. The Antwerpers immediately set a high pace at the meeting. They are more present at the start of the match. Little by little Racing came out of the woods and exerted a push but as soon as they could the visitors reacted especially on their left flank. In the 16th minute a good action initiated by Truyens sees a deflected cross pushed back by Walter. The Antwerpers are not giving up and Racing comes up against a well-organized defense around Luypaert with a very active Loots. In the 21st a first local pc is repelled by Walter then a second in stride. The 3rd is finally finalized by Cosyns…Racing is in front. The match remains engaged and Walter multiplies to save his cage. From the start of the 2nd half, the Brax play higher. The “Rats” remain very compact but in the 39th on pc phase the young Van Cleynenbreugel shoots Gucassof with a crossfire. The game is restarted. And Racing gets a new set of PCs and at the 46th Cosyns gives the lead back to the locals. Racing higher up the chessboard pushes and Charlier alerts the Antwerp rearguard twice. Little by little, visitors are taking over the game on their own. Onana creates excitement in a tumble of which he has the secret Spaces open up and the game remains engaged. In the 63rd a stroke (justified?) is whistled and Luypaert converts it (2-2) The end of the match is hot because the match can switch to one side or the other.

The other matches

Ghent – Uccle Sport 2-1

10th Kina (1-0), 38th Duvekot (2-0), 64th Zirpel (2-1)

Old Club – Dragoons 2-15

7th Raes (0-1), 9th Lootens (2-0), 10th L. Putters (3-0), 15th Govers (4-0), 16th Govers (5-0), 26th Tambwe (1-5), 33rd Vanderkeilen (1-6), 35th Govers (1-7), 39th Govers (1-8), 40th Lamarche (2-8), 41st Raes (2-9), 42nd Della Torre (2-10), 49th Govers (2-11), 54th Gougnard (2-12), 61st R. Putters (2-13), 63rd Raes (2-14), 68th Govers (2-15)

Leuven – Herakles 2-1

50th Maraite (1-0), 60th Mucic (2-0), 68th Thomas (2-1)

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