GlobalA parallel war in Gaza is being fought on TikTok and X...

A parallel war in Gaza is being fought on TikTok and X – . .

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A TikTok video from a field blogger in Gaza

  • Author, Marianna Spring
  • Role, A reporter specialized in checking misinformation on social media

Whether you are young or old, a TikTok MX follower, a supporter of Israel or a supporter of the Palestinians, the updates you receive on social media can contribute to shaping your vision regarding Israel’s war on Gaza.

When I browse video clips on my TikTok account, video recordings start appearing one after another, the first; Four Israeli soldiers are shown dancing with their weapons, and the following: A young woman raises a pro-Palestinian slogan.

Based on what I’ve seen, TikTok’s algorithm determines what kind of content I want to see in subsequent videos. This algorithm works in a similar way to other social media platforms as well, which necessarily means that some users are bombarded with the same increasingly divisive content around Israel and Gaza. This reinforces their existing views and biases.

Without a doubt, what is happening on social media constitutes a factor in influencing public opinion, and its movement from “black phone” screens to protests on the ground or in public debates.

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