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“A show bordering on pornography”: the Minister of Culture in France protests against the reality TV show “Frenchie Shore”

The reality TV show is starting to seriously disturb France, as the culture of emptiness is so present there. In an interview with the daily “Le Parisien”, the Minister of Culture Rima Abdul-Malak expressed all her discomfort regarding “Frenchie Shore” which she rightly judges to be a program “bordering on pornography”.

ARCOM can’t do anything about it

“I will be careful not to comment on the choices of channels and platforms which have their editorial freedom”, she first indicated to make it clear that ARCOM, the authority in charge of regulation of the media, had no possible influence on the program given that it is broadcast on a platform. ARCOM can therefore, in the present case, only require a restriction of access to the broadcast to minors. “This program is not recommended for children under 16 years old. But anyone can come across it on social networks like it happened to me,” she explains.

The problem with this type of reality TV is much deeper for the population and especially for young people who will have a truncated image of what relationships between humans are like in everyday life. The minister even speaks of a “catastrophic start”. “We are not in the register of fiction, of a film or a series, with the hindsight that that implies […] For adolescents who say to themselves, this is the reality of human relations, of sexual relations, it can be a catastrophic introduction.”

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