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Aam Aadmi Party की भिक्ष्ट की अधिक शिक्षा नै, बनी शिक्षा की अधिक : Naib Saini – dainiktribuneonline.com

Vinod Jindal

Kurukshetra, May 2

Haryana Chief Minister Naib Singh Saini launched a sharp attack on India Alliance and Congress saying that Aam Aadmi Party’s identity today is not education but alcohol. He used to talk about good school, health and honesty and said that he will not take a car-bungalow, but today he has Sheeshmahal. Those who used to say that if Sonia Gandhi is investigated by ED then she will be in jail, they have met him today. The Chief Minister was addressing a rally held after filing the nomination papers of Naveen Jindal on Thursday. He said that these people come to Kurukshetra and talk about stopping drug addiction, but in Delhi these people worked to increase liquor shops and opened street liquor shops. Not only this, he worked to open a special liquor store for women. The Chief Minister said that the people of the Ghamandiya alliance are not fighting to save the country, but to save the family, while the BJP is fighting to save the country.

Naveen Jindal described former Chief Minister Manohar Lal as a sage and said that he did a lot of work during his rule. He promised to open one world class skill development center each in Kurukshetra and Kaithal after being elected MP. In this every year 10 thousand youth will be trained. People from companies from Japan, Germany, America will come and they will interview and select the children. He said that this will help people to improve their skills, while the youth will not have to resort to the donkey route to go abroad. Naveen Jindal appreciated the work done by the central government. He said that today people’s faith is in Narendra Modi and in his guarantee. The Prime Minister has set a target of making 3 crore lakhpati Didis. This in itself is a very big thing. Minister of State and Thanesar MLA Subhash Sudha addressed the rally on this occasion.

Keep outsiders out: Shalu Jindal

Shalu Jindal, wife of Naveen Jindal and former chairperson of Bal Bhavan, called Naveen Jindal the son of Kurukshetra and himself the daughter-in-law of Kurukshetra, and said that those who have come to Kurukshetra just to contest the elections should be shown the way out.

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