TechnologyAcer's new product? An electric bike!

Acer’s new product? An electric bike!

Forget the Swifts, Helios and other Predators, Acer’s next flagship is none other than an electrically assisted bicycle…

Acer takes a side step. The Taiwanese company specializing in laptops and smartphones is launching into mobility with an electric bike called ebii. Of course, when you’re known for your “Predator”, you can’t be content with an all-purpose VAE. However, Acer’s electric bike is not a monster on wheels. Don’t look for any trace of an RGB system or even the faintest bit of an RTX 4090, ebii is… a fairly unimpressive, albeit visually original, cycle. Beneath its appearance as a small bike cut out for big cities, ebii is above all a particularly connected two-wheeler.

It doesn’t really show in its design. Its frame looks just like those of some entry-level folding electric bikes. The diagonal tube, a kind of large USB key that connects the bike from one side to the other, contains a 460 Wh battery and integrates the front optics. Small originality: it has a single branch fork, Lefty style, which adds in style what it removes in weight. The result: the Ebii weighs only 16 kg.

Resting on two 20-inch wheels (again similar to what is done on the folding market), it is powered by a 250W front hub motor. The advertised torque is 40 Nm which could be sufficient for most trips in town, but somewhat limited on hills. By way of comparison, the new folding electric bike, the E Fold 500 from Decathlon, displays a torque of 35 Nm. Ebii does not include a transmission, but a single speed. Like some connected bikes such as Cowboy or VanMoof, it relies on a torque sensor to define the ideal assistance depending on the situation. Like all electric bikes in Europe, its assistance is limited to 25 km/h. Finally, on the brake side, Acer had the good idea to equip its VAE with 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes.

Ultra connected

More than on the design or on the technical part, it is on the connectivity that the Acer electric bike wants to make the difference. Of course, an application is essential to make it work. This is what allows it to be locked/unlocked or located. It also gives a history of its last journeys and obviously allows you to choose from the three levels of assistance for the bike (eco, normal, boost).Acer's new product? An electric bike!

Finally, ebii has two fairly innovative features. The first is an anti-collision alert on which Acer gives relatively few details. The bike would use several sensors to warn the pilot in case of sudden approach of a car, for example. This type of device is most often found on dedicated accessories such as the Varia manufactured by Garmin. How Acer integrated this option directly into their bike is definitely worth watching. The manufacturer specifies that the bike’s battery can be used to power other accessories, such as… at random, an Acer laptop. Moreover, the 460 Wh battery (up to 110 km of autonomy) has a fast charging function which allows you to refuel in 2h30.

Acer has not yet communicated on the price or the availability of its ebii, but if the Taiwanese manufacturer’s connected bike is available in France, will not miss the opportunity to test it.

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