TechnologyActivision wants you to test games while you watch live streams

Activision wants you to test games while you watch live streams

How can we make money from all these players who passively watch game live streams on Twitch? Activision has its own little idea and has protected it in a patent.

Usually, when you watch a video game Live on Twitch or elsewhere, well… you watch it and that’s it. There has to be a way to monetize all that time spent doing nothing! This is where Activision comes in, which filed a patent on the subject this summer – it has just been published.

Move around in front of the TV

The general principle is to suggest games to the viewer based on the live content. For example, if the video stream is about a specific sport, the system can recommend a video game related to that same sport. And this also works for a platform game, a fighting game, an FPS… This recommendation would appear in the form of a thumbnail, with a prominent “Play” button.

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If the user clicks this button, the game launches in the thumbnail. He therefore finds himself with the video stream and the suggested game in front of his eyes. That’s certainly a lot of screens at once, but we’ve all developed quite effective multitasking skills: how many of us are on our smartphone at the same time as we’re watching a series on Netflix!

A patent is a patent, and of course nothing says that Activision intends to make this invention a reality. But now that Microsoft has got its hands on the publisher, perhaps this idea will bounce back to promote the many Xbox franchises. Moreover, Microsoft had begun to integrate interactive elements into the defunct Mixer streaming service.

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