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Adrián Rubalcava abandons the PRI for having selected Santiago Taboada for the 2024 elections in CDMX

Adrian RubalcavaMayor of Cuajimalparesigned from the PRI because he was left out of the internal contest for the Head of Government in Mexico City (CDMX).

This November 18ththe official confirmed that the PRI, PAN and PRD they chose Santiago Taboada, Mayor of Benito Juarezas its candidate in the capital, without considering the rest of the candidates to represent the Broad Front for Mexico in the elections 2024.

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In a message to the media, Rubalcava indicated that: “You don’t have a plan B yet; to Alexander (Dark) informed him that he would make the decision to separate from the PRI, something he does publicly today, and to which he was told: ‘separating from the PRI would make him feel the traitor”.

The official He left the party just three days after registering as a pre-candidate to run for the governorship in the next elections.

However the Broad Front for Mexico determined last night that the PAN member Santiago Taboada will be the sole candidate of the PRI, PAN and PRD for the same position.

After a meeting between the leaders of the three parties, Mario Cortés, Jesús Zambrano and Alejandro Morenoit was reported that only Taboada, of the three candidates, achieved consensus to be precandidate.

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With this, the PRD member was left out of the process. Luis Espinosa Cházaro and Adrián Rubalcava himself.


you used me, Alejandro Moreno, and it’s not worth it. Speaking the truth gives everything. This not only hurts me, but also the society that hopes to find an option. The Broad Front does betray.

Sandra Cuevasmayor of Cuauhtemoc, attended the press conference and expressed his support for Rubalcava. “You are not alone and count on me“said the official.

At the moment, the mayor has not reported a possible death.


Rubalcava reiterated that it is the opponent best positioned in the surveys and that his profile was suitable to represent the Broad Front for Mexico.

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“I was a candidate with clean hands, without accusations, without accusations and who, in addition, was leading the polls,” he claimed.

Likewise, he expressed his bewilderment at the support for Taboada, whom he pointed out for his alleged bonding with the real estate cartel.

I do not understand how they agreed to have a successful candidate in a negotiation where they will promote someone who has links to organized crime, who has accusations and who unfortunately today we know that those who have been arrested have already acknowledged their guilt in the construction of irregular properties“, held.

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