GlobalAfter criticism, Salinas Pliego's debt is doubled

After criticism, Salinas Pliego’s debt is doubled

Mexico City.- The debt of Ricardo Salinas Pliego and his companies went from 30 billion pesos to 63 billion in just five days in which the attacks of the owner of Grupo Salinas against the 4T have hardened.

The head of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), Antonio Martínez Dagnino, reported yesterday morning to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that of the current debt, 53 billion pesos correspond to previous and ongoing tax trials.

The other 10 billion pesos, he specified, are derived from credits issued in the current federal Administration.

But just on March 15, the same SAT had announced that the businessman’s debt to the treasury was 30 billion pesos.

Yesterday, Martínez explained that in the case of the tax lawsuits (53 billion) the original amount that the Salinas companies had to pay was 38 billion pesos.

This amount includes 17 trials, including 7 cases of “fiscal consolidation”, which is a scheme that allowed the payment of Income Tax (ISR) to be deferred or deferred.

“All these debts were observed by the SAT for an amount of 38 billion pesos, but as of today, with the update, with inflation and surcharges, it amounts to an amount of 53 billion,” explained the head of SAT.

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