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Chandigarh, 2 November

CM Manohar Lal Khattar congratulated CM Manohar Lal Khattar once again by Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah. Inaugurating the Lok Sabha elections in the city of Karna on Thursday, the Home Minister made it clear in a ‘royal’ style that the central leadership has full ‘confidence’ in Manohar Lal. Manohar Lal has been given the task of feeding Kamal Khilane on all the ten seats of the Lok Sabha once again in 2019. Manohar Lal’s political status has also increased as Manohar Lal has become stronger because of Shah.

At the ‘Antyodaya Mahasammelan’ organized in Karnal to mark the completion of nine years of the Manohar government and the anniversary of Haryana, Amit Shah was satisfied with the attendance of the people and he also openly praised the policies of Haryana. In the hands of Amit Shah, CM Khattar also tried to help the large vote bank of the state by making Shree Ganesh of five schemes related to the poor. It can also be said that just as BJP played the backward class card by making Naib Singh Saini the state president, now BJP is looking at the vote bank of the poor.

The five schemes announced by the BJP for the poor in the name of Antyodaya can be seen on the ground. The BJP has also made its election agenda clear by announcing the inclusion of fourteen lakh new families in Haryana in the ‘Chirayu’ scheme launched under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. The scheme, which provides free medical facilities to families up to five lakh rupees per year, is already on the ground.

A ‘Haryana Income Enhancement Board’ will be formed for the poor families with an annual income of less than one lakh. Such families will also get opportunities in employment and the government will also arrange loans for them for self-employment. Similarly, the government has taken a step towards promoting milk production by launching milk production cooperative promotion scheme for Antyodaya family. Also, through this, people will get employment opportunities. The announcement of Rs 10 per liter more than the co-operative union’s price to such families makes it clear that the government is trying to do a hat-trick of helping the poor. At the same time, the scheme of free bus travel for the elderly of families with annual income up to one lakh rupees will also be considered electoral only. Senior citizens will be able to travel by bus for free up to 1000 km per year. For this they will be given a smart card.

Religion card will also work

Construction of Ram temple has been the big election agenda of BJP. BJP has contested elections many times before on this issue. Now that the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple has been constructed in Ayodhya and on January 22nd PM Narendra Modi will enshrine the idol of Ramlala. In this case, the BJP will capitalize on this issue in the Lok Sabha elections this time.

The Chief Minister Pilgrimage Scheme launched by Haryana is also a part of this. Under this, elderly people above 69 years of age from families with annual income of up to 1 lakh 80 thousand rupees will be taken to visit the shrines of Ayodhya and Varanasi in an AC train.

A postcard can be written to the CM

BJP has now come up with another new formula other than ‘CM window’ which was introduced for people’s problems and complaints. All the beneficiaries who arrived at the Karnal Conference were given a bag containing a postcard with the address of Chief Minister Manohar Lal’s Chandigarh residence. This postcard will connect common people directly with the Chief Minister. People can also send their thoughts, complaints, problems or problems directly to the Chief Minister through postcards. It will be read by the CM and action will be taken on every letter.

Stamp on decisions

Shah specifically mentioned the plan to make villages free from Laldora and give ownership rights, jobs on merit, equal development etc. Patting the Chief Minister’s back, he said that during Manohar’s tenure of nine years, there has been a big change in Haryana. Manohar played an important role in bringing Haryana, the leader in every field, to new heights of development. He mentioned several such schemes which have been followed by other states and the Centre. Shah started the election by attacking former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda and Om Prakash Chautala and made it clear that the BJP is going to enter the Lok Sabha elections with full strength.

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