GlobalAgent uses man's dog to rescue him from frozen lake in Michigan

Agent uses man’s dog to rescue him from frozen lake in Michigan

A man who fell through the ice on a frozen Michigan lake was rescued after a state trooper used the man’s dog to bring him rescue equipment and pull him to safety.

Witnesses called 911 on Thursday after the 65-year-old Traverse City man fell into the water when the ice on Lake Arbutus gave way, state police reported.

The body camera worn by Michigan State Police Transportation Officer Kammeron Bennetts captured the rescue. Initially he showed the man immersed in icy water with only his head and shoulders above the thin ice, and his dog standing to the side.

In the video, Bennetts is seen trying to throw a rescue disc tied to a rope at the man. Not getting good results, the officer asks the man to send his dog to him.

“Send your puppy here. “Will she come to me?” he yells at the man, who responds that her name is Ruby.

“Ruby, come here! Come here Ruby! ”Bennetts shouts in the video before whistling at the dog, who runs towards him and arrives wagging her tail.

The officer then ties the rescue disc to the dog’s collar and asks the man to call Ruby back to him. When she returns to her owner, Bennetts tells the guy to take the disk away from Ruby and for her to start kicking.

“Kick your feet to the surface!” he shouts, pulling the man toward the frozen surface of the lake and urging him to hold on to the puck while he continues to pull on the rope, dragging him toward safer ice near the edge of the lake. lake. Then Bennetts and a local firefighter manage to grab her arms to complete the rescue, while Ruby was still tied to the rope.

State police said the man was taken by ambulance to a hospital for medical attention and was later released. The agency applauded the rescue in a post on social media site X, praising Ruby in particular.

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