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Agniveer scheme is a plan to hollow out the army: Deepender Hooda –

Chandigarh, November 4 (Trinew)

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Deependra Hooda said that the Agniveer scheme is not in the national interest. The central government should explain why permanent recruitments are not being made in the army like before. He raised the demand that by abolishing the Agniveer Scheme, permanent recruitment should be started in the army immediately and all the Agniveers recruited under the Agniveer Scheme should be given the status of regular soldiers. He was addressing the people on Saturday along with Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot after filing the nomination papers of Congress candidate Vikas Chaudhary from Kishangarh (Ajmer) and Congress candidate Badrilal from Badi Sadri (Chittorgarh).

Deependra said that after the martyrdom of Agniveer soldier, he neither gets martyr status nor pension nor gratuity and his dependents are also not getting medical and other facilities. He alleged that through the Agniveer Scheme, the BJP government has divided the country’s army into two parts. Regular soldiers and Agniveer soldiers. The government is making a difference between a martyr and a martyr. Also, it is making the country’s army weak. Agniveer Yojana is a plan to hollow out the country’s army.

The Congress MP said that we will fight to end the Agneepath scheme across the country. Instead of confirmed recruitments in the army, raw recruitment through Agneepath Scheme and Haryana Skill Department is a symbol of the fact that the government wants to avoid giving pension to the employees. It wants to eliminate permanent government posts by bringing forward the private sector.

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