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‘Ah Half Meter!’ Reporter kneels to interview Nicki Nicole: How tall is she? (VIDEO)

Nicki Nicole Not only is she the Argentine owner of Peso Pluma and a successful singer, but she is also the competition of Medio Metro itself, something that was recorded in a video that went viral on the networks, which shows the magnitude of her stature. .

And a surprising video is circulating on TikTok in which Featherweight’s girlfriend is being interviewed by a reporter, which He had to literally kneel to be at her level. and be able to talk to his face.

This caused laughter from the fans, who did not hesitate to comment on funny things about the man who was the most popular dancer on the Mexican networks at the beginning of the year, in addition to making various jokes appropriate to people of short stature.

“Aaaah Half a Meter”, “And she’s wearing heels”, “The one who arrives later looks at him as if to say, can you stop, she’s short, not deaf”, “Very small haha” and “If she didn’t know, she was going to be talking into the other microphone hahah”, they told her.

In her defense, Nicki Nicole came out to say that the fair man who interviewed her was a giant not only for her, but for everyone: “In my defense he was about 2 meters tall.”

How tall is Nicki Nicole?

It is not new to anyone that the Argentine singer is short, because whenever she appears in group photos she is the shortest and even in her postcards with Featherweight, the man from Guadalajara is a full head taller than her.

Height is not something that makes the singer self-conscious and she has even joked about her size on some occasions.

Regarding her height, Nicki Nicole recently said: “I remember that at one point in my elementary school I was more or less second or third but I don’t know what happened that I kept falling and I was getting further ahead.

I measure one 47 Pa’, I grew 2 centimeters, I just went to the doctor,” he detailed about how tall he is.

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