Global'Alien: Romulus' will reprise the practical horror of the original film

‘Alien: Romulus’ will reprise the practical horror of the original film

Mexico City.- Stress to the max… That’s what the thousands of people gathered at the Thunder Stage of the Comic Culture Experience Mexico (CCXP) experienced this Saturday, when filmmaker Fede Álvarez exclusively presented a distressing preview of his film, Alien : Romulus.

And if something was clear during his panel, and after seeing a never-before-seen scene from the film, only for those attending the convention, it is that this new installment of the Alien saga returns to its origins in every sense of the word: Visceral horror created with totally practical effects.

“Past Alien movies relied heavily on digital effects, and I don’t have anything bad against them, especially when they’re done well, but for it to be a serious horror, you have to use practical effects. It’s a different feeling.” “said the filmmaker of Uruguayan origin.

“The terror must be present, not only for the audience, but for the actors as well. Because that is reflected on the screen, the terror that the actors see is real, the monsters are real. That is why there are never blue screens in my movies. films”.

Several animatronics of the sadistic xenomorphs and the hungry facehuggers were created especially for the film, with the help of much of the technical and creative team that worked on James Cameron’s Aliens: The Return (1986). All this made the essence of Alien: Romulus emulate that of Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic.

“What I wanted with this film was to take it to the beginning of everything, from the original film, which is actually a horror film, something that would really scare you. I like Prometheus and Covenant a lot, but they are more of an adventure, They are more like science fiction. And I missed the dark hallways, that unique fear,” Álvarez recalled.

The end of the panel gave fans a really stressful preview of the film, which premieres on August 15, where several of the main characters, led by Rain Carradine (Cailee Spaeny), encounter a colony of sick facehuggers for fertilizing them with alien eggs.

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