Global“Alito” Moreno gives support to PAN member Santiago Taboada for CDMX

“Alito” Moreno gives support to PAN member Santiago Taboada for CDMX

MEXICO CITY ( In the Magdalena Contreras mayor’s office, one of the only two strongholds of the PRI in Mexico City, the national and local tricolor staff gave their support to the PAN member Santiago Taboada as the sole pre-candidate of the “Va por la CDMX” alliance to the capital’s Head of Government.

In an event garden in the San Francisco neighborhood, Alejandro Moreno, national president of the PRI, referred to Taboada Cortina:

“I know Santiago Taboada. He is a man of commitment, of character, of results. He has been a legislator, a public servant, a mayor… he is a man of results, who is not going to bend, who has a proposal and a project. And today we say from La Magdalena Contreras to Santiago Taboada: we are going to break our necks for you and you are going to win the Head of Government with the strength of the PRI and our coalition.”

Moreno said that Taboda and , we will win!”.

Local and federal deputies from the PRI, PAN and PRD were present at the political event; as well as Israel Betanzos, leader of the PRI.CDMX.

In addition, “Alito” Moreno supported Luis Gerardo Quijano in his intention to be re-elected as mayor, which he took from Morena in the June 2021 elections.

The recognition of “Alito” Moreno occurred a week after on Saturday the 18th, the licensed mayor of Cuajimalpa, Adrián Rubalcava, thundered against him by telling him that “you have no say, you have been irresponsible,” for supporting the PAN member and leave him out of the race for the opposition candidacy for the Head of Government of CDMX.

“The city needs a change”

At the event, Taboada assured that the alliance will win the 2024 elections in CDMX “because this city needs change. There are too many years where the same political group has misgoverned. Today this city is not safe, public services in this city are abandoned in many places and that cannot be.”

He assured that CDMX must be “awakened” because “those who said ‘the poor first’ were disappointed; “They said ‘women first’ and they took away their children’s rooms.”

That is why he warned that in the next elections there are two alternatives: “the good governments” of the PAN, PRI and PRD “continue with Morena.”

The PAN member accused that in the municipalities where Morena governs they are “sunken in insecurity, lack of water, services, abandoned schools, there are no doctors or medicines.”

And he gave as an example the district that he has governed for five years: “we have given them security, we are giving the elderly free medicines and doctors at their homes. That is what I can boast that we did in Benito Juárez.”

Then, Taboada launched himself directly against his opponent of the Fourth Transformation, Clara Brugada: “What Brugada cannot boast in Iztapalapa is that people today live worse, insecure, without opportunities.”

The former legislator promised to be “a head of government who is going to raffle it off. We are going to win it. “We are not going to bend and we are going to show them that in Mexico City you can live better.”

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