GlobalAll the arrogance of Maldives with 'India Out' gone, Muizzju pleading in...

All the arrogance of Maldives with ‘India Out’ gone, Muizzju pleading in front of India

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India Maldives Tension: Following his anti-India rhetoric, Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu took a conciliatory stance, saying India would remain a close ally of his country and urged New Delhi to provide debt relief to the archipelagic nation. By the end of last year, Maldives owed India approximately US$409 million. Since taking oath as president in November last year, pro-China Maldivian leader Muizzu had adopted a tough stance towards India and demanded that Indian military personnel operating three aviation platforms be sent back from their country by May 10. . Mohammad Muizzu, who ran the India Out campaign during the Presidential elections, has finally lost all his arrogance and is seen pleading in front of India.

In his first interview with local media on Thursday after assuming office, Muizzu said India played an important role in providing assistance to the Maldives and has implemented the “largest number” of projects. According to the news of Maldives news portal ‘Edition.MV’, Muizzu said that India will remain a close ally of Maldives and there is no doubt about it. India has been providing humanitarian and medical services to the people of Maldives for the last few years through two helicopters and one Dornier aircraft. Muizzu urged India to include debt relief measures for Maldives in repayment of “huge debts taken by governments”.

Muizzu’s positive comments towards India come ahead of the parliamentary elections to be held in Maldives in mid-April. He said that Maldives has taken large scale loans from India. He said, “He is currently in discussion with the Government of India to explore options to repay the loan as per the economic capabilities of Maldives.” Muizzoo with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the COP28 summit in Dubai in December 2023 Referring to their discussions in Dubai, he said, “I also told Prime Minister Modi during our meeting that I do not intend to stop any project. Instead, I had expressed my desire to accelerate them.

‘Did not give any statement that would cause tension in relations’
Responding to a question about Indian military personnel, Muizzu described it as the “single matter of dispute” that has arisen with India regarding the Indian military presence in Maldives and said that India has also accepted this fact. And has agreed to withdraw the military personnel. He said, “It is not right to reject or ignore the aid given from one country to another.” He claimed that he did not take any such step or make any such statement which could harm the relations between the two countries. There was tension in the relationship. Muizzu said his government worked to find sensible solutions through discussions to deal with the issue of Indian Army in Maldives.

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