TechnologyAlready a teardown of the iPhone 15 Pro!

Already a teardown of the iPhone 15 Pro!

Without waiting for the official launch of the iPhone 15 Pro, a first teardown of the smartphone confirms the new internal architecture of the device. Like the iPhone 14, access to components will therefore be much simpler (which does not mean that repairs will be easier!).

We don’t know how PBK Reviews was able to get his hands on an iPhone 15 Pro before its official launch — it’s today! —, but still the fact remains that the YouTube channel was able to carry out the first teardown of Apple’s new flagship model. The manufacturer has adopted the architecture implemented with the iPhone 14, whose internal design has been completely revised, making it easier to open.

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After having (relatively) easily removed the screen of the iPhone 15 Pro, the innards of the smartphone reveal, among other things, an L-shaped battery with a capacity of 12.7 Wh (3,274 mAh), the Taptic Engine, the TrueDepth module for Face ID, as well as the rear photo unit made up of three sensors and a Lidar, and… the USB-C port!

There is no major revelation in this disassembly, but the simple fact that it could take place – and visibly in good conditions – before the launch of the smartphone is worth highlighting. PBK Reviewsgives a repairability rating of 7 out of 10, highlighting among other things that it is easy to replace the screen or find spare parts.

© PBK Reviews
Apple Iphone 15 Pro Disassembly 4
The photo block with the three sensors. © PBK Reviews
Apple Iphone 15 Pro Disassembly 1
The USB-C port. © PBK Reviews
Apple Iphone 15 Pro Disassembly 2
The iPhone 15 Pro motherboard. Inside hides the A17 Pro! © PBK Reviews

However, it is necessary to remember, as the specialists ofiFixit this week, that while opening iPhones has become a fairly simple operation, the repair itself is still very complicated. The components are in fact matched to the serial number of the terminal, which requires installing parts provided by Apple and no one else. This design, however, makes it possible to lower the prices of repairs in Apple Stores or in approved service centers: replacing the rear panel costs €199 for the iPhone 15 Pro, compared to €599 (!) for the iPhone 14 Pro. …

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