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Although Gálvez’s house does not have authorization for use, it does not warrant demolition, confirms the mayor’s office

The Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office confirmed that the senator’s house Xochitl Galvez it does not count with Authorization for Use and Occupationbut that this does not warrant that it be demolished, and that in any case only a financial fine would be applied to the builder and the Responsible Construction Director (DRO).

Through an information card, they indicated that the Use and Occupation Authorization process is the total responsibility of both the builder and the owner. DROwho have the obligation to report the Work Completion Notice to the mayor’s office so that it can be authorized, according to Article 70 of the Construction Regulations of the Federal District.

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“Failure to carry out this procedure does not merit closure, demolition or securing of the property, since the sanction only corresponds to a financial fine, which would be applied to the developer and the Director Responsible for Works (DRO); and not to the buyer, according to Art. 70 of the Construction Regulations for the DF”pointed out the demarcation.

It was specified that the property and the construction have Construction Manifestation Registration and the development was registered with the Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Mexico City (RPPyC).

Furthermore, this property Sierra de Santa Rosa 62 has a Notice of Completion of Work, with which it is possible notarize before a notary and register in the RPPyC the sale.

Due to the above, the town hall He called not to misinform. “Ignorance of the law is not a sufficient argument to try to politicize the rights of the residents of Miguel Hidalgo”.

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brunette in Mexico City demanded from the authorities of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office verify, close and demolish the housing complex in which the presidential candidate of the Broad Front for Mexico, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruizfor allegedly being an illegal construction.

“The place located in Sierra Santa Rosa, number 62 in the Reforma Social neighborhood, has a Notice of Completion of Work but does not have the Use and Occupation permit, so it cannot be inhabited,” Morena detailed in the capital.

He pointed out that the councilor Mauricio Tabe must request – as it has done with other properties – to the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City the assurance of the subdivision that has five houses, including that of Galvez Ruiz.

(With information from El Universal)

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