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Amidst tension with India, Maldives made a new move! Chinese spy ship allowed to enter

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India Maldives Tension: Amidst the diplomatic dispute with India, Maldives has once again done a backstabbing act. Mohammed Muizzu, who calls Chinese President Xi Jinping his best friend, has hatched a new conspiracy against India. They allowed China’s spy ship to enter their territory. Amid strained relations with India, Maldives confirmed the arrival of the Chinese ship to Male and said that ships of friendly nations are welcome. The Chinese ship is likely to reach Maldives in a few weeks. This has increased India’s concern. India’s concern is also serious because last year there was a lot of uproar when China landed its spy ship on Sri Lankan soil.

Since becoming the President of Maldives, the steps taken by Mohammed Muizz have been against India. Before becoming the head of Maldives, he had criticized the Indian Army during the election campaign and had also promised to expel the Indian Army from the country if he won. After becoming President, Muizzu did the same. Muizzu government has given time till February 15 for India to withdraw the army. Not only this, breaking the tradition of Maldives, the President of Maldives visited China instead of going to India. This month, Muizzu met Xi Jinping, this was also his first state visit.

A Chinese spy ship is likely to reach the Maldives soon, according to an independent intelligence researcher and open source data. Let us tell you that a Chinese spy ship had landed on Sri Lankan soil last year, after which the Chinese ship was also accused of spying on India. This time China has tried to target India with the help of Maldives.

China has the largest fleet of ships in the research and espionage sectors, which experts believe is capable of serving both scientific and military purposes. According to the report, the Chinese ship Jiang Yang Hong 03 is entering the Indian Ocean region and has moved towards Male. On the other hand, Maldives has also confirmed that it has allowed the Chinese ship to enter its territory. Maldives said in an official statement that friendly nation China is welcome in its territory. On the other hand, China’s presence in the Indian Ocean has increased India’s concern.

When did the Chinese ship leave and when will it reach Maldives?
According to data from shipspotting portal, the vessel Jiang Yang Hong 03 departed from the Chinese port of Male on January 16. Currently cruising in the Java Sea, the ship is expected to reach the Maldives around February 8, although it is also expected that the ship may reach by January 30.

India’s concern
There is no official confirmation whether India has raised objections with the Maldives over the visit of a Chinese spy ship, but the New Delhi government had earlier taken concrete steps when a Chinese ship visited neighboring Sri Lanka. Was. Defense sources say that the Indian Navy is keeping an eye on the movement of the ship.

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