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‘AMLO prepares fraud speech in the face of defeat in 2024’: Xóchitl Gálvez

The person responsible for the construction of the Broad Front for Mexico (FAM) and virtual presidential candidate, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruizwarned that “from power”, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador will begin to use the language of fraud to justify a possible defeat.

In a talk with Juan Francisco Ealy Lanz Duret, Executive Vice President and General Director of EL UNIVERSALcolumnists and directors, the senator assured that in 2024 there will be a state election, but she announced that President López Obrador, Morena and their allies have had their day in the field over.

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Said Claudia Sheinbaum She should be worried, because while the former head of Government and the “machuchones” of the 4T injected her with millions of pesos, she only grew three points and the difference between the two in the polls is already only one digit. The legislator considered that in the campaign she will reach the Morenista through her proposals.

When talking about FAM, Galvez Ruiz He announced that he will not allow the parties to eat it and asserted that neither PRI or PANneither PRD is going to impose anything or anyone, unlike what happens on the other side, where they even gave their opponent the baton of command: “The President gave her the imperial scepter, it suits me.” to give the Band.”

On the issue of security, the coordinator of the Front reiterated that in Mexico there must be a firm hand and not hugs, because if we continue with the current policy “we will enter a point of no return”, which is why she proposed an agreement with the United States in that regard. subject. Furthermore, she said that she sees an Army worn out, exhausted, and tired, but always institutional and ready to receive “a commander” of the Armed Forces.

Xochitl Galvez She maintained that there are “zero elements” for the government to initiate political and judicial persecution against her, but she said that if they want to victimize her, she has no qualms about even going to jail: “I’m going to the boat, I have no anger “They make me President.”

To the question of Ana Paula Ordoricawho presented the scenario that President López Obrador does not recognize his eventual victory in the presidential elections, the senator affirmed that the President is already preparing the speech of the fraud concocted by the conservatives.

“The President is going to start using the language of fraud, he is going to start saying that the leadership, that the mafia, that the media are preparing the fraud. So that? Because if I win he’s going to say: ‘it was the machuchones’, and from now on I’ll say it up front, the one who brings in a lot of money is Claudia Sheinbaum.

“You just have to count the spectaculars, the events, the bunch of trucks that traveled all over the country, the magazine covers, the fences… it’s a fortune, and you’re right. [Marcelo] Ebrard to say that it was unfair competition,” he said.

She recalled that she has not put up a single spectacular nor has she painted a single fence, much less bring the money that Claudia Sheinbaum Yes, it has businessmen.

“And let it be said clearly, because the President always says that the machuchones are with me. No, the machuchones are with the 4T,” he assured.

“They bring the nation’s servants house to house, accrediting social programs; It is a state election and I am aware that I am facing it, but what is over is their picnic, because what they said was “by how much are we going to win?” Today they are going to start playing with the polls, putting me at 30 points [atrás de Sheinbaum] to try to do what they did in the State of Mexico, but the reality is that we are in single digits,” he noted.

He insisted that the president Lopez Obrador He will begin to build the narrative of electoral fraud by the conservatives, but he stated that the fraud is being prepared by the 4T. “Yes, there will be attempted fraud; “We have to go to the international level, we have to knock on doors, the United Nations, international observers to come and see who is carrying out a State election.”

Salvador García Soto asked if in an eventual nomination of Marcelo Ebrard As a presidential candidate for the Citizen Movement, when the time comes, he could agree for one of the two to decline so that the opposition arrives stronger for the election.

The PAN senator ruled out that scenario and assured that she does not see the former chancellor outside of Morena.

Hector de Mauleón He suggested that after the overwhelming “Xóchitl effect,” people must begin to have answers to their problems that go beyond sympathy, wit or jokes, to which Gálvez clarified that she gets serious when the situation warrants it. .

“Here is the mix between being empathetic and nice, and not being a moron, because the truth of the matter is that when I get serious, I get serious, and when I make a mess, I make a mess. It is a personality that has worked for me.”

“Can the three complaints that exist derail you?” De Mauleón questioned him.

“No, because there is no ill-gotten money, I have had a company for 31 years; There is not a single contract between my companies with Miguel Hidalgo, they do not exist; There is not a single illegal building that was built during my administration. I don’t see the prosecutor, with zero elements, opening an investigation for money laundering, organized crime or influence peddling, and if they want to victimize me, then tell him, I’m going to the boat, I have no anger, they make me President,” she challenged.

About the differences between her and Claudia Sheinbaumhighlighted that the former head of Government is going to propose continuity, while she will talk about change.

“With all due respect, I think they have made Claudia Sheinbaum’s life more comfortable than a servant, because my life has always been about obstacles, my life has always been about confronting machismo.”

Furthermore, he assured that charisma does count. “It’s not my fault that I’m nicer than your candidate.” [del Presidente]. The truth is that she gives off and places don’t carry her because their ratings drop,” she said.

When questioned by From Mauleon Regarding whether the parties of the opposition alliance are going to impose on figures like the former governor of Tamaulipas Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, he indicated that this is not going to happen. “I don’t want the parties to eat me, something valuable about me is that the citizens brought me here,” he highlighted.

“They are not going to impose on anyone, I do know what my obligations are as a candidate, but I am also writing my rights, because the one who is going to show my face is me, I have to be convinced and, furthermore, whoever believes that I am a An obedient woman does not know me, I am not, they are not going to give me a baton of command,” the legislator stressed.

He said that he has confidence in the parties: “I have earned their trust, they like my personality and they are aware that they are not going to dominate me.”

When asked how the Mexican Army is doing from her point of view and if she has had contacts with the Armed Forces, the virtual opposition presidential candidate said that she sees “a wear and tear in the Army, they don’t have vacations, everything is firebombing and that implies overtime, because “They cannot say no, I see an exhausted, tired Army and their economic income has not improved much.” However, she pointed out that “I do believe that there is an institutional framework in the Army and I do believe that there will be no problem with having a commander of the Armed Forces.”

Given the concerns expressed by Valeria Moy about the growing phenomenon of insecurity and violence, she stated that the President’s security “occurrence” has to change and recalled that in terms of security he has taken a firm hand. “You cannot give hugs to criminals, your security policy cannot be hugs and not bullets, because the hugs have been for the criminals and the bullets have been for the citizens. So I speak of intelligence, heart and a firm hand as keys to begin to rethink the security policy in our country.

“If we are at a point of no return, we continue with this policy, we already have a trade agreement with the United States, I propose an agreement with them on energy and security, an ethical and transparent agreement. We are always afraid of sovereignty, but I believe that there can be no greater loss of sovereignty than not being able to go out on the streets,” he emphasized.

“A Plan Colombia for Mexico?” García Soto asked him.

“I don’t know if it is a Plan Colombia, due to the details, but we do have to put on the table that they are international problems,” he responded.

Valeria Moy asked him what to do with Pemex when the country has to move towards a different vision of energy and we can no longer talk about fossil fuels when the world is changing, and in Mexico we must facilitate the arrival of nearshoring.

“We must not let Pemex die, what is required is to modernize it, transform it, but we cannot continue betting on the same thing. “We have given Pemex 1.2 billion pesos in these five years, it is crazy, that is why there are no medications, that is why there are no children’s homes, that is why there are no full-time schools,” he said.

Regarding what he would do with the Felipe Ángeles International Airport and whether he would revive the one in Texcoco, Gálvez said that he would have to study the situation and consult with experts, although he clarified that “the AIFA does not seem like crap to me, that is an extreme, but today it has a regional function of certain flights.”

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