GlobalAMLO's shortlist for Court is discussed in the Senate

AMLO’s shortlist for Court is discussed in the Senate

Mexico City.- At noon, the Senate Plenary began the discussion of the shortlist of candidates for the Supreme Court proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Senator Olga Sánchez Cordero endorsed the suitability and eligibility of Bertha Alcalde, Lenia Batres and María Estela Ríos.

Regarding the latter, he stated that the Legal Counsel of the Presidency does not have the rank of Secretary of State, so she meets the requirements and can participate.

However, the shortlist faces objections.

Luis David Ortiz, from MC, stated that the shortlist proposed by AMLO is a simulation, since there is no agreement even in the majority group of Morena.

He believed that the true intention of the Executive in proposing said shortlist is for it to be rejected, so that the President can then elect the new Minister.

“The sad thing is that it is a simulation, everything is a simulation. I believe that the intention behind it is that the Minister is chosen by the President,” he said.

“(The Constitution) is being trampled because, with respect to the wrestlers, it is more organized than wrestling.”

“It is sad because there are good profiles, there were extraordinary interventions and it is sad (because they seek) to impose a unilateral will.”

German Martínez, from the Plural Group, reiterated that, in his opinion, Ríos does not meet the requirements since her position is equivalent to Secretary of State.

He maintained that the Legal Counsel did not show sufficient skill during her appearance, which is why he proposed to partially reject the shortlist and disqualify Ríos.

Damián Zepeda, of the PAN, anticipated the vote against his party with the argument that none guarantees judicial autonomy and independence.

“The President (…) wants subordinates, he is not even hiding it. He demands blind obedience,” he said.

“They are telling us what he is looking for: I want subordinate profiles, loyal to the movement. He sends three profiles that he considers absolutely loyal. We would have to be quite naive to think that these profiles are going to have independence, autonomy.”

For any of the candidates to be elected, they must obtain a qualified majority, that is, two-thirds of the senators present.

In the event that the Senate rejects the shortlist, as is foreseeable given the lack of agreements and objections from the Opposition, the President will submit a new one.

But if this second one is also rejected, then the person who, within said shortlist, the President decides, will occupy the position of minister.

The Court was left with a vacancy after the resignation of Arturo Zaldívar, who joined the team of Morena’s virtual presidential candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum.

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