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Anahí’s manager clarified the meeting between Manuel Velasco and an adult film actor

The actress’s husband sparked comments for appearing alongside an actor from the adult entertainment industry Photo: IG/velascom

RBD He returned with everything to the stage with a new tour that will tour several cities around the world. Anahi Bridge, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, Christian Chávez and Dulce Maríagave a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York last Friday, September 1.

In said show, Anahí’s husband, Manuel Velasco, was in the audience. A video that circulated on social networks sparked controversy, as in it the politician is seen alongside a famous XXX actor originally from Colombia.

This situation became a trend on social networks and generated controversy among fans of RBD. Alejo Ospinaname of the porn actor, published these images on his social networks, where he is seen with Velasco, singing and dancing to the songs of RBD.

The tour I’m Rebel Tour It’s having quite a bit of success. The pop band will play at the Foro Sol in Mexico City in the last days of November and at the beginning of December. Likewise, the group will have a great concert at the Azteca Stadium on December 21, 2023.

Anahí’s manager, Danna Vázquez, had a phone call with Gustavo Adolfo Infante and he reported everything on the program The sun rises

Anahí's husband enjoyed the concert of the Mexican band RBD in the company of the Colombian porn actor, Alejo Ospina - Credit Instagram/ @velascom_ and @aospinad
Anahí’s husband enjoyed the concert of the Mexican band RBD in the company of the Colombian porn actor, Alejo Ospina – Credit Instagram/ @velascom_ and @aospinad

“In New York he was RBDthen Manuel Velasco was watching Anahí, Alejo Ospina was there, who is a porn actor, so he took a photo with Velasco and that’s it, he uploaded the photo to his networks and they began to say ‘it’s that Manuel Velasco was hitting on him’ Gustavo said.

Likewise, he explained that everything had been coincidental and that there was no type of relationship between the star and the politician, in addition to the fact that these images were out of context. Likewise, the communicator commented that given the profession of the politician, who is currently in the race to represent Morena in the next elections, he usually takes photos with many people.

“And he tells me ‘Gustavo, I was there with them and not even Neither Manuel Velasco nor I knew who he was.and she told him ‘I can take a photo’ and he said yes, they took the photo and that was it,” Danna Vázquez told Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

The meeting between Manuel Velasco and Alejo Ospina has been widely commented on social networks, especially by opponents of the work of the Tuxtla native, Gutiérrez.

The video between the politician and the actor generated controversy on social networks Credit: Youtube/Image Entertainment

Recently, the interpreter of Just stay quiet and Save me had an interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga where he spoke about his professional life and recalled more than one controversy from his private and personal life.

the star of childishness She told the journalist how complicated her fight against bulimia and anorexia, illnesses that he suffered several years ago. She reported that she got to the point of being so bad that she had to be hospitalized urgently.

Through tears, Anahí Puente also shared what it was like to work for Televisacompany responsible for the global phenomenon Rebela soap opera that marked a before and after in the history of Mexican television and the national entertainment industry.

Another curiosity that the actress also detailed in her interview with Joaquín López Dóriga was that, at first, Televisa did not want her in the leading role of the soap opera, and she ended up getting it thanks to pressure from the producer Pedro Damian.

“I can’t find Mía Colucci,” Pedro told him, “it’s just that, you are mine and you are mineyou are, there is nothing more, but there is a problem, Televisa He doesn’t want you to do it”.

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