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Analysis of Sea of ​​Stars – A classic and modern RPG that eclipses everything in its path

Sea of ​​Stars is a lesson in design, good taste, beauty and charisma. A perfect bet to dazzle fans of nineties RPGs and Chrono Trigger for a new generation.

Sabotage Studio earned all my love with The Messenger, a jewel with a classic aesthetic and conception, but which keeps inside not only a fun proposal with personality, but also some of the most surprising twists we have seen in recent years in the industry. So when the Canadian studio announced Sea of ​​Stars, their next project, they immediately had my full attention. See if they have the courage to bring us a turn-based RPG, when this genre is most in question (although Baldur’s Gate 3, fortunately, has mitigated that aspect a bit) and more titles are committed to more vertical and direct action, so as not to give a break to whoever is in charge and let spectacularity rule the screen. The result: an adventure with an overflowing personality, which takes the opportunity to pay homage to great classics of the genre and to those who grew up in the nineties, but which also has the necessary wickers to captivate new generations.

Sea of ​​Stars is magical. Fall in love It is the best way to synthesize what we find ourselves in this unforgettable adventure, in which it is easy to make analogies with Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy V or even Golden Sun. They are big words and a huge compliment to be compared to such jewels, to which it even offers some subtle nod, but even better than that is to verify that it has strong enough roots to be remembered for itself, and not for being like what it is. others one day were. He achieves this, above all, through the construction of his characters and his overflowing charisma; Valere and Zale are the main protagonists, two young aspiring Solstice Warriors with the necessary ability to put an end to a threat of darkness that has been subduing the population since time immemorial. Although their role is the most important in the course of events, the powerful heroes would be nothing without the companions who join in their mission throughout the adventure, with a special mention for Garl, the warrior cook and faithful friend of both from childhood. Along the way, the most diverse beings come together to help build an atmosphere of closeness and humanity that leave their mark, with dialogues that are pure gold (but which, unfortunately, in the Spanish version are clouded by a translation that contains numerous grammatical errors). This is how a story that at times can err on the side of archetypal is complemented, although it is full of details and house-brand script twists, without forgetting the much-needed portion of humor that makes us keep a smile on our faces during the thirty-odd years. hours that it can take us to see the credits.

Obviously the aforementioned inspirations are very clear, and that means that, for many, Sea of ​​Stars has that nostalgic aroma that can make many of us be somewhat more condescending with some of its defects. Because Sea of ​​Stars tastes like a butter sandwich with sugar, like those afternoons enjoying in front of the screen, with a controller in hand, and without any other worries. That blessed 90s JRPG structure that it boasts of, and on which to navigate through its world map exploring its various areas, chiselled with a colorful aesthetic, full of good taste and in which curiosity is rewarded, also contains hidden areas in which We have to find some useful treasure to improve the capabilities of our team, with new weapons, armor or even relics whose activation is optional and that are specifically aimed at making the proposal more accessible to whoever wants it, with aids generally designed for combat.

Analysis of Sea of ​​Stars - A classic and modern RPG that eclipses everything in its path

A fight that, in its own way, brings together two generations, two ideas that seem to always have to be in conflict. And here it is shown that they can coexist; Sea of ​​Stars is a turn-based RPG, in the old fashioned way, but one that doesn’t forget the times in which it lives and that offers the necessary tools to keep us active at all times. The turns are there, obviously, and they are the pivotal base of the experience, but the distinctive element comes in the fact that, in all of them, we have to perform a dynamic action, either to extend or to minimize the damage. If we press the attack button right at the moment we are going to hit the enemies, the damage we do is increased; the same to defend and, if we press at the right time, the damage will be reduced. Characters like Valere with his Lunarang or Seräi with his Poison Burst also have active attacks, in which reflexes are rewarded and, the longer we are able to increase the action, the more exhaustive its impact will be.

Obviously there is also room for tactics, to think carefully about what our next move should be. The battle design encourages us to know very well what our group’s attacks and their abilities are, especially when an enemy shows the bolt on the screen. A kind of combination that warns us of the types of attack to carry out before it is their turn to break their attack and thus avoid an attack that can be devastating for our interests. Very often we find ourselves in the position of thinking about what is the best step to take, invisibly forcing us to strike a balance between attack and defense to emerge victorious. Sometimes, taking one step back is enough to take two steps forward, and that is the main maxim of the most demanding combats in the adventure.

Although combat is the backbone of the game, a lot of importance is also given to exploration, not only to, as we said before, find better equipment, but it is necessary to advance, through a level design measured to the millimeter to favor it. and take advantage of some of the gadgets that we will unlock as we progress. The greatest success is in the transition of scenarios and that they are not just seconds of relaxation until facing the next fight. Along the way there are several puzzles and puzzles that, although they are not excessively difficult and sometimes their structure is repeated, they do encourage us to wander, to read each part of the scenario to find a nook to jump into, a wall to climb or a object that helps us activate a mechanism. There are also moments for relaxation in some of the cities that are visited on this trip, being able to stop by a tavern to participate in a minigame called Girarrodillos (which, I am not going to deceive you, I have not been able to fully understand) or also to the always recurring fishing. The artistic direction is fascinating and is capable of captivating you with just a glance at each of its various biomes, in which there is practically no lack of a type of setting to visit. The finishing touch is a spectacular soundtrack, with catchy songs and the occasional tribute that will make you smile if you’ve played The Messenger.

Sea of ​​Stars is an unforgettable trip, one of those in which you feel a participant, as if you had been there with Valere, Zale, Garl and company. As if they were part of your family. From your comfort zone. He may not invent anything, but he does provide nuances, his own style and, above all, a lot of love. More than recommended on any platform, but if you have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass, it would be a sin to pass it up.

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