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apec summit Xi Jinping is saying We never occupied foreign land relations with India – International news in Hindi – Just listen to China too; Jinping is saying – Neither did we instigate war, nor did we occupy foreign land, Foreign News

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Amidst the tension on the border with India, China seems to be clarifying its policies. During the APEC i.e. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, President Xi Jinping said that China never instigated war. He also claimed that China has not occupied anyone’s land. The special thing is that there is tension between the two sides on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) since 2020.

What did Jinping say?
Jinping said, ‘During the 70 and more years since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, China has never instigated war or occupied even an inch of foreign land.’ The special thing is that news related to the activities of the Chinese army in the border areas with India has been coming to the fore.

In the year 2020, there was a clash between Chinese and Indian forces in Galwan. Since May 2020, Chinese forces have been continuously trying to change the situation on the LAC in eastern Ladakh. At present, both the forces have a heavy presence at Patrolling Point 15. Since 2020, more than 50 thousand Indian soldiers are deployed on many fronts in LAC.

Also met Biden
Jinping made this comment at an event organized by the US-China Business Council and the National Committee on US-China relations. It is being said that during this period the world was keeping a close eye on his statements. Apart from this, discussions with US President Joe Biden also lasted for about four hours.

Biden and Jinping agreed to resume discussions on high-level military communications, anti-narcotics cooperation and artificial intelligence during the four-hour meeting to establish working ties after a period of tense ties in the Indo-Pacific region, news agency PTI reported. Have agreed to.

The two leaders stressed the need to address the risks of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems and improve AI security through US-China government dialogue during their meeting on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in San Francisco .

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