TechnologyApple stops advertising on X/Twitter, exasperated by anti-Semitism on the social network

Apple stops advertising on X/Twitter, exasperated by anti-Semitism on the social network

It’s the last straw. Apple has finally decided to suspend its advertising purchases on X/Twitter following yet another slip-up by Elon Musk. This is quite a thorn in the side for the social network, the computer manufacturer was one of the largest advertisers.

For a year and the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, there was no shortage of opportunities to scare off advertisers, but in this storm โ€“ entirely manufactured by the new owner โ€“ the social network could at least count on one thing: support Apple’s unwavering brand. The manufacturer continued to buy advertising space there, despite the controversies and controversies.

The unwavering support is no longer

But by diving into the unspeakable, Elon Musk has gone too far. The billionaire has in fact recently approved openly racist and anti-Semitic tweets. Normally, this is already a disaster, but with current events in Israel, it is adding fuel to the fire. The White House was even moved, condemning the comments โ€œ anti-Semitic and racist ยป by Musk.

At the same time, a new report from the organization Media Matters has proven that advertisements from Apple, IBM, Amazon and Oracle were found alongside neo-Nazi tweets. IBM also suspended its advertising purchases on Twitter yesterday. And today it’s Apple’s turn, according to Axios.

This is a major blow to Twitter’s finances. Last year, we learned that Apple spent $100 million on advertising per year on the social network. Linda Yaccarino, Twitter CEO, said that the majority of advertisers had returned, but they were spending much less than before. This pause in Apple’s advertising investments could also give ideas to other advertisers tired of Elon Musk’s escapades.

Apple’s support, however, began to crack last September. Questioned on the subject, Tim Cook assured that there was no place for anti-Semitism and that the question of maintaining advertising purchases was constantly raised. Obviously, Elon Musk’s latest provocation was one too many.

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