Global'Armed Forces enforce peace without excessive use of force'

‘Armed Forces enforce peace without excessive use of force’

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the elements of the Armed Forces enforce the peace and tranquility of the country without the excessive use of force and with absolute respect for human rights.

When leading the closing ceremony of the Bicentennial of the Heroic Military College 1823-2023, the head of the federal Executive highlighted that in that College, as well as in all the schools of the Army, the Mexican Air Force (FAM) and the National Guard (GN) Subjects are taught so as not to commit abuses of authority.

“Now more than ever, the popular, non-elitist character of the Armed Forces has been reaffirmed and it has become clear that the soldiers, who, as I have always said, are uniformed people, know how to do things with professionalism learned in the Military College, with discipline and with conviction. to value peace and tranquility without the excessive use of force and with absolute respect for human rights.

“Now in this Military College and in all the schools of the Army, the Air Force and the National Guard, subjects are taught so as not to commit abuses of authority and to always remember what was said by the person who was director, by the way, of this Military College, General Felipe Ángeles: ‘Politics is not an end, the revolution is not an end, they are means for men to be men, nothing is sacred except the man – and I would add, the woman –. There is something fragile, weak, but infinitely precious that we must all defend: life.

Accompanied by General Luis Cresencio Sandoval, Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), and by members of his legal and expanded cabinet, President López Obrador assured that under his government, the Armed Forces are fully fulfilling their five fundamental missions: defend the nation; guarantee internal security; support social development; contribute to the progress of Mexico: and assist the population in cases of disasters and other calamities.

He stated that due to their popular origin and nationalist training, the Mexican Armed Forces have always been loyal to the Mexican people and respectful of civil authorities and affirmed that under his government its non-elitist character has been reaffirmed.

Head of the Sedena highlights remodeling of the campus for GN students

Within the framework of the “Closing Ceremony of the Bicentennial Celebrations of the Heroic Military College”, the head of the Secretariat of National Defense, General Luis Cresencio Sandoval, said that a remodeling process has been carried out on the campus. which responds to the need to house members of the National Guard (GN).

Before President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the head of the Sedena stated that the members of the GN are forged in these classrooms with learning oriented towards police and public security training.

As well as the determining requirement of having a modern infrastructure in accordance with the current reality capable of competing with the best universities in the world.

“Finally, so that with these renovated facilities we continue to go through many years of institutional life, preserving and strengthening the essence of values ​​and virtues on which military education is fundamentally based.

“Under these premises, today as yesterday, this educational facility is consecrated as a campus of excellence that opens its doors to all Mexican youth who wish to serve Mexico from the Armed Institute.

“For this reason, we must preserve this historic national bastion so that it continues to be a breeding ground for upright and professional officers, women and men leaders of the Army and the National Guard,” he stressed.

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