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Arre Festival 2023: A Saturday full of norteño, banda and corridos tumbados │ PHOTOS and VIDEOS

Daniel Balderrama, better known as DannyLux, was the first artist to set the mood among the audience at the Arre festival to the rhythm of “HOUSE OF LUX”, song with which it is in strong trend on platforms like Tik Tok.

Considered one of the most promising artists of the Regional Mexican genre, he gave an excellent start to the first day of the festival with songs like “Atrapado”, “Si saberas”, “Mecambioste”, “Lo Otro, Te Extraño”, “Tristeza y Traicion” ” “Jugaste y Sufrí” and the cover of “Luna”, a song by Peso Pluma.

One of the most important exponents of the new corridos, Oscar Maydon arrived as Corridos Tumbados’ first show at the arre! festival.

On the Tecate stage, Oscar decided to start with the song “Exuberant bearing” success that brought him into the limelight.

During their presentation we were able to hear songs like “Kilos de H”, “My horn” song with which he collaborates with the second most important exponent of the Tumbados, Junior H, when singing “Anillos”, the public accompanied him singing loudly.

With a small delay, but without failing the people, the bullfights continued with Gabito Ballesteros, who came on stage Arre! and to the rhythm of “The Gucci Bag” He started his show, continued with one of his hits in collaboration with Luis R Conriquez, “And if they look at me.”

One of the melodies that could not be missed was “Let’s go up” song he shares with Junior H. that the public did not stop singing in the company of the Sonoran.

Ballesteros gave the lovers some time and the rhythm of “The Morrita of Instagram” He gave them their special moment.

As expected, Gabito began with the corridos lying down to the rhythm of “El Tsurito”, song with which the entire audience at the Arre Festival went crazy!

Another of the most popular hits was “Lady Gaga”, which has positioned itself in the best places in the rankings in Mexico and the world.

Registered Trademark He arrived with straight cigars, in the pure style of his last album “Don Corleone” They started one of the three stellar acts of the night at the Arre Festival.

And they started singing their pure hits “Pure Champion”, “Stepped Past”, “The Rescue”, The latter was the one for Fidel to make the entire audience that gathered tonight at his show sing.

Another of the songs that made the audience sing at the top of their lungs was the corrido “The doctor”.

There was no shortage of collaborations, especially one that gave them a lot of vision, “Without you”, that they share with Frontera Groupwho will soon appear in the Zócalo of CDMX, where they will give the Cry of Independence.

He also had his romantic moment with “My princess” and “What handsome I am”, Without a doubt, Marca Registrada is one of the best shows that the festival is giving us on its first day.

Regulated Force It arrived from San Bernardino California with all the corridos recharged and “Me acostumbre a la buenos” was one of the opening songs; She made each of the group’s fans scream and sing.

“We live in Soul Central” was another of the many hits that tonight They noted why Fuerza Regida was chosen to be the penultimate band to perform at the first regional Mexican festival in CDMX.

In the show, another of the hits that were felt at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez were “Qué onda?”, a song that is currently number 1 on digital platforms, “Igualito a mi Apá”, one of the ones that catapulted them to the peak of the genre and “TQM” was another of the songs that made it vibrate.

With this show there is no doubt Regulated Force is automatically positioned as one of the best regional Mexican bands that with their different rhythms that they have managed to mix perfectly, lyrics that people have adopted with great ease, makes them one of the most listened to bands of the genre and one of the best show that the Arre festival has given us tonight.

It was with “Ch y la Pizza” with the song with which Fuerza regido began to say goodbye to the Mexican public.


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