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Attack at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow: Gabriel Attal announces that France is raising its security level after “threats”

“Given the claim of responsibility for the attack by the Islamic State and the threats weighing on our country, we have decided to raise the Vigipirate posture to its highest level: attack emergency,” indicated the Prime Minister on the social network X following a defense council at the Elysée.

“The claim for the Moscow attack comes from the Islamic State in Khorasan. However, this organization threatens France and has been involved in several recent foiled attack plans in several European countries, including Germany and the France,” said Matignon.

“The Prime Minister asked the Secretary General of Defense and National Security, under his authority, to convene a meeting first thing tomorrow (Monday) bringing together all the security services impacted by the increase in the Vigipirate level “, we add.

The Vigipirate plan was downgraded to level 2 (“reinforced security – risk of attack”) in January.

Four months before the Paris Olympic Games (July 26-August 11), Emmanuel Macron chaired a defense council on Sunday evening at the Elysée on “the Moscow attack and its consequences”.

The attack on Friday at Crocus City Hall near Moscow left at least 137 dead and 182 injured according to the latest report. Investigators continue to search the rubble of the building housing the concert hall, ravaged by a gigantic fire started by the attackers.

The attack was claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS), but Moscow has still not blamed this organization.

On Saturday, Vladimir Putin mentioned the Ukrainian trail, ensuring that the attackers had been arrested “while they were heading towards Ukraine”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused his Russian counterpart of wanting to “shift the blame” onto his country. Adrienne Watson, spokesperson for the National Security Council at the White House, for her part estimated that ISIS bore “sole responsibility” for this massacre and that there was “no Ukrainian involvement”.

This attack is the deadliest in Russia in twenty years, and the bloodiest to have been claimed by ISIS in Europe.

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