GlobalBaby arrived with his 'cake under his arm'

Baby arrived with his ‘cake under his arm’

Juarez City.– The baby of the woman who gave birth on an Aeroméxico commercial flight from Mexico City to Ciudad Juárez, on the afternoon of Friday, March 15, will have a gift not yet revealed by the airline, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

According to information released by the State Government, a woman gave birth on the commercial flight that arrived in Juárez around 9:00 p.m., and both she and her son are reported to be stable although hospitalized in different institutions.

The agency reported that it is a woman of Haitian origin, with the initials TW and 31 years old, who was traveling by plane to this border, but went into labor just beginning the trip, which takes approximately two and a half hours.

The doctor Leticia Olivares Solorio, who was traveling on the same flight, attended the birth, without apparent complications, and received a boy, it was detailed.

After flight AM113 landed, the woman was taken to the Women’s Hospital and the baby to the Children’s Specialty Hospital by Green Cross paramedics from the unit assigned to the Abraham González International Airport. The mother and newborn were reported stable.

According to the Ministry of Health, since the birth took place in an uncontrolled environment or under adequate hygiene measures, both had to be separated in case complications related to these conditions or other variants arose.

In the hospital, the baby has “the appropriate personnel and equipment to give him specialized care in case of any complications,” the agency added.

“Today we experienced a unique moment on board: we welcomed a new passenger mid-flight! His birth is something extraordinary that touched our hearts.”

“Thank you to the incredible crew of flight AM113, to the bravery of the doctor who was traveling with us and to this baby who began his life flying in the year of our 90th anniversary, for which he will receive a great gift from us,” it reads. in the publication of

An alleged subsequent statement from Aeroméxico published in various national media states on behalf of the company:

“We are very excited to have been part of this great story that is just beginning, and since it happened within the framework of our 90th anniversary, we will celebrate by inviting this baby to fly 90 times for free with us.”

However, the statement has not been traced on Aeroméxico’s official social media pages or in its virtual press room where all institutional communications are located, in addition to the fact that the customer service line staff said they had no information at all. regarding the fact that they usually receive that type of information.

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