GlobalBad tenants soon to be blacklisted?

Bad tenants soon to be blacklisted?

The idea is not new. It has been supported for a long time by the National Union of Owners and Co-owners (SNPC). “We would like such a sheet to exist but politicians are reluctant. The problem is that we still tend to consider landlords as strong and tenants as victims even though abuse is common. When this happens, the only solution for injured landlords is to take legal action but very often, tenants are insolvent which means they never get their money back.“, explains Olivier Hamal, president of the association.

A point of view that José Garcia, president of the tenants’ union, does not share. “Why not publish a list of bad bread payers or bad landlords? You have to apply the law and that’s it. If a tenant causes damage, he must repair the things he damaged. So that there is no possible dispute, an inventory of entry and exit must be organized.

“We must move away from the opposition between tenants and owners”

The owners’ union and the tenants’ union could not be more opposed in their vision of the relationship between lessors and lessees. While the first calls for measures to further protect the rights of owners, the second considers that the system is unfavorable to tenants.

I don’t see how tenants would be better protected by the law than owners. Landlords can kick out their tenants, even if they are not at fault. What additional element is needed? The system is unequal and the balance clearly does not tip in favor of tenantsexplains José Garcia. We must stop presenting good landlords on one side and bad tenants on the other, or the opposite. It’s stupid, we have to get out of this opposition. I’m not saying that there aren’t tenants who cause hassle, but if that’s the case, the law must apply and that’s more than enough. Everyone has the right to housing and I am not talking here about another real problem which is the number of slums that are rented out.

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