GamesBaldur's Gate 3 receives FSR 2.2 support in Patch 4

Baldur’s Gate 3 receives FSR 2.2 support in Patch 4

Larian Studios has released Patch 4 for Baldur’s Gate 3.

As is usual in numbered patches for the game, the update introduces numerous bug fixes (more than 1,000 in this case) for various problems that may appear during the adventure.

One of the most significant new features is support for FSR 2.2, which initially did not appear in the long patch notes, but the company confirmed its presence in a later message.

Steam Deck users and less powerful computers should see a notable graphical improvement in fine details when using this rescaling technology thanks to the move from FSR 1.0 to FSR 2.2.

Players with color blindness will now have several options in the accessibility menu to modify the game’s colors according to their needs, with modes for protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia.

Here you can read our review of Baldur’s Gate 3: “With modern sensibility, old-school design and a style that lives up to its name, Baldur’s Gate 3 achieves everything it sets out to do.”

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