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Barbaric massacre taking place against unarmed civilians, Hamas Chief angry at Israel, what did he say?

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Israel Hamas War: Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Palestinian group Hamas, on Wednesday accused Israel of carrying out genocide in the Gaza war to cover up its defeat. “Israel is carrying out a barbaric massacre against unarmed civilians, but this villainy will not save them from a heavy defeat,” Haniyeh fumed in a speech broadcast by Al Jazeera. Haniyeh also claimed that in the Gaza Strip The Israeli hostages held were subjected to the same death and destruction that Palestinians have faced.

“Hamas has told mediators that it is necessary to stop the genocide and called on people, especially in the West, to continue protesting to put pressure on decision-makers,” Haniyeh said in a recorded video message. . Haniyeh also said it was important for the Rafah border crossing to continue operating in both directions. Haniyeh’s statement came as the first group of civilians evacuated from Gaza entered Egypt on Wednesday under a Qatar-brokered deal. At the same time, Israeli forces continued their offensive against Hamas terrorists and bombed Palestinian territory from land, sea and air.

People trapped in Gaza since the war began more than three weeks ago were transported in ambulances from the Rafah border crossing. Under the agreement between Egypt, Israel and Hamas, many foreign nationals and seriously injured people will be allowed to leave the Gaza area. On the other hand, Palestinian residents said that despite success on the humanitarian front, Israeli warplanes, naval boats and artillery attacked Gaza overnight, causing many civilian casualties. An Egyptian security source earlier told Reuters news agency that more than 500 foreign passport holders would pass through the Rafah crossing on Wednesday. About 200 people were waiting at the Palestinian border. A second source said not everyone was expected to come out on Wednesday and there was no time limit on how long the crossing would remain open.

A Western official said Israel and Egypt had agreed on a list of people with foreign passports who can leave Gaza. An Israeli official confirmed that Israel was coordinating the evacuation with Egypt, Reuters reported. Indonesia says it was trying to evacuate 10 citizens but three of them have decided to stay. The Philippines, Jordan and Italy also said they expected to bring citizens out on Wednesday. Israel said an October 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel killed about 300 soldiers and 1,100 civilians, while the Gaza Health Ministry said at least 8,796 Palestinians, including 3,648 children, had been killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

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