GlobalBellakath, singer of 'Reggaeton Champagne', gives 'calaverita' to IPN students in CDMX

Bellakath, singer of ‘Reggaeton Champagne’, gives ‘calaverita’ to IPN students in CDMX

The singer of the urban genre, Katherinne Huertabetter known as Bellakathwas well received at the facilities of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) in the Mexico City.

What was he doing Bellakath in it IPN? The interpreter of the popular song ‘Gatita’ and her most recent hit, ‘Reggaeton Champagne’arrived at the school to give the students their respective skull prior to the Day of the Dead.

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Bellakath She clarified that these types of events for her followers and the general public were not concerts, however, some of the attendees received her singing her songs.

On your own, Katherinne thanked through social networks the organization of the IPN and trusted that all attendees will satisfactorily complete their studies.


Katherinne Huertabetter known as Bellakathis a Mexican actress and influencer who has risen to fame on social media with her hit song ‘kitten‘.

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Bellakath She is also known for her participation in various television programs such as ‘falling in love‘, in TV Azteca.

A change of look and a couple of songs have led to Vegetable garden to have more than 2 million followers on TikTok and one million 700 thousand on Instagram.


The controversy that keeps Internet users immersed in a debate is due to the peculiar lyrics of the song.

Although many are accustomed to the lyrics in songs of this genre (reggaeton) always being off-color, the new single by Bellakath It has already generated reactions, especially for the ‘poem’ it includes.


Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan

Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan

Mmm, hahahaha

Trr, trr, trr, trr

Dani flowY la bellakath, what’s up?

Verse 1:

I’m here to leave you, and your cat, cheap

Brr, I want you to get on all fours

Baby, let’s make a deal. Come to Irapuato for a weekend.

Dani flow, the villain, yes

Today it’s your turn to dick at the Hampton Inn

I whistle for you if you allow it chuchín

I have a lot of fair, cachín, -chín, -chín

And mamasota lights the blunt, I make you the rum-toron-ton-ton

The chacalón style, reggaeton from Mexico

To fuck I have a gift and a condom

I’m sending you to operate on your ass with the doc who advanced my chin

Here you bill gacho, I’m not going to gabacho

I know that you want to see me, in the show I watch you

Pull, I don’t get hooked, but I don’t get down either

Much less in the club, if I come with the boys

With the fronting at full capacity, a black pearl with Red Bull

Do you want me to fill your face with yakult?

Do you want me to record you while I bust your cu?

Rosita like bubblegum, that seems cool to me


Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan

Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan

Verse 2:

I don’t have a problem if you smoke weed

I hope you get a cough so you get a lot of phlegm.

I put the fire, you put the firewood

And while the beat plays I recite a poem to you

What beautiful eyes you have, I want to suck your penis

With all due respect, I hope you don’t mind.

December is close, I hope you don’t get sick

And don’t let it give you a fever so that you can bury it for me

Baby, put me however you want, that doesn’t bother me

Insert it completely, pink, very rich, squeeze

I can be your whore, also your princess

And if I’m honest with you, I want you to suck my tit

On top of the table, holy strawberry clear

Go through the head when you already have it stiff

I like it big, I like it thick


Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan

Re-re-reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan

Oh, but it can’t be, it’s dani flow

(Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan)

And the girl of the poems, the bellakath

(Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan)

In kittyponeo, the perreo mafia

(Reggaeton, champagne-pán-pán-pán-pán-pán)Pu-pu-puma, tra

Pu-pu-pu-puma, tra

(Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan)

What’s up?Pu-pu-pu-puma, traPu-pu-puma, tra

(Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan)

Reggaeton mexaPu-pu-pu-puma, tra

(Reggaeton, champagne-pan-pan-pan-pan-pan)

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