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‘Bellas Artes’, the new Movistar Plus+ comedy about how it runs a contemporary museum

First image of ‘Bellas Artes’, the new Movistar Plus+ series that delves into the world of art galleries (Movistar Plus+)

Malevichs, Chagalls, Mondrians and Rothkos. Museum hallways house pieces of history, are the roof of numerous canvases that changed the future of art and, with it, that of society. Art galleries are one of the favorite cultural getaways for visitors to large (and small) cities. The Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía, the Thyssen, the Romanticism Museum… knowing the corridors of all the pictorial emblems of the city is an easy task, but what escapes the human eye is what happens behind.

How are the rooms of a museum organized? What loans are requested from politicians to improve the catalogue? What exhibitions are held to attract visitors? In 2024, Movistar Plus+ will give the answer to all of the above with the premiere of Fine artsa comedy with half-hour episodes that will delve into the history of how a contemporary museum works.

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Madrid is the city chosen for this story in which Antonio Dumas (Oscar Martínez), a prestigious art historian and cultural manager, will take charge of one of the city’s great contemporary art galleries. It will be then when he begins to know the ins and outs and difficulties that make up his role, from political pressures to crazy situations with artists and creators. All in a comic and satirical tone.

Through the character of Dumas and his management of the museum, the fiction will reflect great part of the behaviors that mark the contemporary human being, thus seeking comedy in everyday (and not so common) situations. Greed, egocentrism, power and social pressure. Fine arts will be one of the surprises of the platform, arriving in Spain next year and premiering simultaneously in Latin America through Star+.

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Fine arts is created by Andrés Duprat, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat. With multiple international awards, the three creators have tackled throughout their filmography themes related to art and culture. Among his latest films it is worth mentioning official competition, The man next door either The illustrious citizen. They are also behind television series such as The one in charge either Nothing.

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Oscar Martinez (official competition, The illustrious citizen, wild tales), Angela Molina (The Mercy, Snow White, Broken Embraces), Ana Wagener (The kingdom, Setback), Dani Rovira (Jungle Cruise, Mediterranean, Eight Basque surnames), Ludwika Paleta (Do you want to be my son?, likes war, Mother there are only two) and Jorge Lopez (Bad luck, Elite, I am Moon), among others, are part of the spectacular cast. Fine Arts will also have the special participation, among other great names, of Jose Sacristan (The inconvenient).

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