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‘Best city in the world!’ Users celebrate Thanksgiving Day inside the NY Subway

Best city in the world? A recently viral video shows how a group of people organized an impressive Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of the New York City subway. Instead of the typical rush and bustle, with hallways full of street vendors, This car was transformed into a festive setting with a large table, abundant dishes and a generous dose of Christmas spirit.

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The images, initially shared on TikTok, quickly spread across social media, generating positive comments about the creativity and sense of community of the protagonists. A passenger, surprised by the unexpected scene, gratefully accepts a can of Coca-Cola and a plate of takeout. Expressing his gratitude, he descends from the subway with a heart full of gratitude towards those who offered this free meal.

The comments on the networks were immediate, highlighting the ingenious nature of the initiative and the uniqueness of New York. One user on their X account called the city the “Best City in the World,” while another expressed their desire to visit New York after this unique experience.

This is not the first impromptu party on the New York subway. Last year around Thanksgiving, Another video showed a similar scene, with people handing out meals to those in need. The comments reflected admiration for the solidarity of ordinary people, highlighting how actions like these supplement what should be the city’s responsibility.


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