GamesBethesda details some of the features of upcoming Starfield patches

Bethesda details some of the features of upcoming Starfield patches

Bethesda has announced some of the upcoming features that will be included in future Starfield patches.

The exclusive game for Xbox Series other fixes and features.

Among them, the North American company has confirmed the introduction of compatibility with Nvidia’s DLSS technology on PC, compatibility with monitors with a 32:9 aspect ratio, an option to change the FOV (currently it has to be done by hand by editing an .ini file , as we explain here), an HDR calibration menu and controls for brightness and contrast. There will also be quality of life improvements and an “Eat” button for food.

Bethesda has also insisted that its plan is to introduce official support for mods through the Creation Club early next year, both on PC and console. Right now the developers are studying “how we can do modding better.”

Community feedback, in any case, continues to be vital. The studio is looking at how to implement some of the most requested features by users, such as city maps, recognizing that “although we can’t get your requests immediately, we want to do so in the future.”

That is why they ask that “the feedback continues to come. We want to read everything,” they insist, “and we thank you all for taking this journey with us.”

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