GlobalBiden pardons national Thanksgiving turkeys, celebrates 81st birthday

Biden pardons national Thanksgiving turkeys, celebrates 81st birthday

The Liberty and Bell turkeys have given new meaning to the phrase “let freedom ring.”

Thanksgiving birds did their part Monday during the annual White House tradition that, this year, coincided with President Joe Biden’s 81st birthday: a president granting a pardon and preventing them from becoming dinner from someone during the holiday.

But first, Biden – the oldest president in US history – wanted to downplay his age.

“By the way, today is my birthday,” the president said, noting that guests in the Oval Office sang “Happy Birthday” to him before the event. “I just wanted you to know that it’s hard to get to 60. Hard.”

He also highlighted that the presentation of the national Thanksgiving turkey at the White House has been a tradition for more than seven decades.

“This is the 76th anniversary of this event, and I want you to know that I did not attend the first one,” Biden said. The Democrat’s age has become a topic of conversation as he seeks re-election next year.

Before granting the pardons, Biden said that although Liberty and Bell were born in Minnesota, they were named in honor of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

“These birds have a new appreciation for the phrase ‘let freedom ring,'” he said, adding that they love caramel apples, ice hockey, a thousand lakes and the Mall of America, all of which Minnesota is famous.

They overcame “some difficulties” to reach the White House, Biden continued: “They had to work hard, show patience and be willing to travel more than a thousand miles (1,600 kilometers).” He hinted that his feat was probably more difficult than getting a ticket to Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour or “Britney’s tour; “She is there, having a hot time right now in Brazil.” She apparently got the pop stars mixed up: Taylor Swift was in Brazil over the weekend for her Eras de ella tour; Britney Spears is currently not on tour.

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