GlobalBig blow to Israel amid attacks on Gaza, this country broke relations;...

Big blow to Israel amid attacks on Gaza, this country broke relations; Many recalled ambassadors

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Israel, which is carrying out rapid attacks on Gaza, has been shocked by the South American country Bolivia. Bolivia has announced to end its diplomatic relations with Israel. Apart from this, many other South American countries have recalled their ambassadors from Israel. Bolivia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Freddy Mamani said on Tuesday night, ‘We have decided to end our diplomatic relations with Israel. This has been done in protest against the continuous attacks by Israel on the Gaza Strip and the deaths of civilians.

Not only this, another minister Maria Nella Prada has announced that humanitarian aid will be sent to Gaza Strip from Bolivia. He said that we demand that the attacks on Gaza Strip be stopped immediately. Till now thousands of people have died in this, who had nothing to do with the war or the attack on Israel. Due to these attacks, millions of Palestinians have also been rendered homeless. Bolivia’s neighboring countries Colombia and Chile have also announced the withdrawal of their ambassadors from Israel. These countries have also appealed to stop attacks on Gaza Strip and immediately implement ceasefire.

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In fact, historically those countries of Latin America have been supporters of Palestine, where there have been governments with left ideology. These include countries like Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba. Apart from this, countries with right wing ideology have always been with America. In this way, the war between Israel and Hamas has also divided the South American countries into two groups. Chilean President Gabriel Boric accused Israel of violating international human rights law. He is also punishing those innocent people of Gaza for the Hamas attack, who had nothing to do with it.

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Chile has the largest population of people of Palestinian origin outside the Arab world. In such a situation, apart from ideology, the issue of support for Palestine is also related to vote bank politics in Chile. Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, has also appealed for ceasefire. Apart from this, Mexico also has a similar demand. It is noteworthy that amidst the war, Bolivia is the first country which has announced to end diplomatic relations with Israel. Let us tell you that 13 citizens of Latin American countries were killed in the Hamas attack. Apart from this, 21 people are still missing.

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