LifestyleBig danger to kidney due to lifestyle and fast food. Big...

Big danger to kidney due to lifestyle and fast food. Big danger to kidney due to lifestyle and fast food. . News

For the past few years, most of the kidney patients in the country are young people, whose age is less than 50 years. Half of these are coming for dialysis. According to the International Society of Nephrology, the number of patients with chronic kidney disease in the world is twice that of diabetes patients (422 million) and 20 times more than that of cancer patients (42 million). Apart from this, more than 3.67 crore HIV patients in the world have chronic kidney disease. The report estimated that in the coming times, 1.33 crore patients of kidney failure will appear every year.

Balanced eating habits and exercise are important Doctors say that to avoid other major diseases along with kidney, people have to be aware about their lifestyle. Balanced eating habits, abstinence from smoking and alcohol and regular exercise are necessary. In the case of kidney, only if the disease is identified in the initial stage, it can be stopped from progressing, but by the time people come to know about it, the kidney is badly affected.

get checked once a year Dr. P.N., Director of Nephrology Department in a hospital in Delhi-NCR. Gupta says that diabetes and high BP patients should get checked once a year. Apart from this, those who have a history of kidney disease in their family should also get screened once a year. The tests are not expensive. One test is urine and the other is serum creatinine, which are available in small and big hospitals and lab centers.

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