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Bihar: Such fronts in BJP that even Modi will be shocked, Jaiswal has tried to help everyone, but how much will be successful?

Analysis of the list of district presidents shows that the organization districts whose district presidents had connections with specific names remained and those who are close to irrelevant big leaders were removed. There are some names who, seeing the threat to their chair, put an alternative system in front of them.

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BJP is preparing for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The 2025 Bihar assembly elections will also be held on his back. In such a situation, knowing the preparation of Bihar BJP, one-time Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be shocked. In Bihar, the exercise to change the state president of BJP has been going on since the last months of last year, but seeing the extension in the tenure of the national president JP Nadda, Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal has started a similar jugaad. In a last-ditch effort to pacify the fronts standing parallel to him, Jaiswal declared himself as the district president of 45 organizational districts of the state on March 9. Generally, any state president nominates the district presidents on his own, but amidst the news of farewell, Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal nominated the presidents of 45 organizational districts and released the list.

To avoid the ruckus on this list, Jaiswal took care of those big names, who could become a threat to his chair. Jaiswal also kept his former state president and currently Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai happy and did not anger Union Minister Giriraj Singh. An in-depth analysis of the list of 45 district presidents shows that the organization districts whose district presidents had a connection with such names were left and those who are close to irrelevant big leaders were removed. As an exception, there are some names who, seeing the threat to their chair, put an alternative system in front. For example, the chair of the District President of Patna Metropolitan was important and Abhishek Kumar remained stable here. The reason is that by taking his wife to the important chair of Patna’s deputy mayor, he had expressed that it was not right to tease her.

Whatever cut was made, its people were set

Looking at the list of nominations of the District Presidents released by the State President, it is known that the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Samrat Chaudhary, has influence and in the past, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah was successful in calling a big conference of Bhumihars in the Rajya Sabha. MP Vivek Thakur also has influence. The effect of the influence was visible in Muzaffarpur, where a leader who had been a minister from the BJP quota was left with all his might to change the district president. Jaiswal did not incur the displeasure of a strong Union minister by not removing Ranjan Kumar there.

When a Rajya Sabha MP lobbied in the rural areas of Patna, Jaiswal approved the attempt of a Union minister to exert influence in an important area like Begusarai. It is being told that Jaiswal took care of this equation the most so that no possibility arises regarding the state president of Bhumihar caste. The likes and dislikes of Vijay Kumar Sinha, the Leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, were also taken care of in the nomination. Similarly, Jaiswal took care of most of the recommendations of the leader of the opposition in the Bihar Legislative Council, Samrat Chaudhary, to save the name of anyone from the backward caste from appearing.

Sanjay Jaiswal was in the race for Union Minister

Last year, when there was a buzz of cabinet expansion at the Centre, it was said that two names were ahead of the Bihar BJP and both were kept out in order not to offend anyone. One name was floated by Rajya Sabha MP and former Deputy Chief Minister of the state Sushil Kumar Modi and the other was Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal, who became MP for the third time in a row. While Jaiswal had tied up Nadda, Sushil Modi was close to Home Minister and former National President Amit Shah. Neither of the two became president. Sushil Modi still continues to open the strongest front against the Lalu family in Bihar and is active once again after being calm in the middle. In the nomination of the district heads of the organizational districts, Sushil Modi did not do the same as it used to do before. When Nityanand Rai was the state president, Sushil Modi used to be effective. He had influence till the distribution of seats in the assembly elections, but in 2020, when the central leadership sent him away from Bihar, gradually the organization also started cutting him off.

Nitin’s name is discussed the most, but the chances are less

The change of Bihar state BJP president is almost certain. Sanjay Jaiswal may juggle as much as he can, but it is believed that in the 2025 assembly elections and before that in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the state president will be brought according to the equation of the fight with the Grand Alliance. At present, the name of Patna’s Bankipur MLA and former minister Nitin Naveen is being discussed at a fast pace, but according to the equations, this name does not seem likely. The reason for not being seen is that instead of an effective or young leader, the BJP will give a chance to an effective leader on caste basis to compete with the Grand Alliance on the chair of the state president.

In fact, Nitin Naveen belongs to the Kayastha caste, whose influence is on the assembly seats in 20 cities including Patna. The possibility of the state president from this caste is also less, because for a long time this vote bank of BJP was not affected even after the leaders of this caste were denied tickets in Lok Sabha and Vidhansabha. Even not giving this chair to Nitin Naveen will have no effect. In such a situation, a former Union Minister and MP can be effective on this seat. In the new organizational reshuffle, he has not even placed any demand in front of Jaiswal and his claim on caste basis may be stronger in order to compete with the Grand Alliance.

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