GamesBloodstained's Chaos and VS modes will finally arrive next week

Bloodstained’s Chaos and VS modes will finally arrive next week

ArtPlay has finally revealed when the last two rewards from the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night crowdfunding campaign will be available.

The game designed by Koji Igarashi broke a record on Kickstarter nine years ago, when it managed to finance itself with five and a half million dollars. Two modes, Chaos and VS, were then promised as part of the rewards for backers.

Bloodstained was released in mid-2019, and those two modes were initially expected to be added in an update in 2020. After numerous delays, they will finally be released next week.

On May 9 (on Nintendo Switch a week later, May 16) patch 1.5 will be published, which ArtPlay defines as “the final update to the game.” Both modes are included in it; Chaos can be played solo and co-op, pitting players against random rooms with demons and bosses, while VS is “a special PvP mode” with two players and demons.

Along with these two modes, three paid cosmetic packages are added, as well as a free one that changes Miriam’s appearance. And although ArtPlay declares that this is the final update, a DLC will be released later with the Classic II mode: Dominique’s Curse, a variation of the classic mode with a larger map and a story that is part of the canon.

ArtPlay is also working on a second installment of Bloodstained, which was announced by the publisher, 505 Games, in 2021, but about which we haven’t heard much more since then.

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