GlobalBloody Sunday in Guanajuato; They kill seven in León and Irapuato

Bloody Sunday in Guanajuato; They kill seven in León and Irapuato

On Sunday alone, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Guanajuato recorded seven murders in the cities of León and Irapuato.

In León alone and before noon on Sunday, there were five executions recorded, a number that increased with the murders recorded later.

This despite the powerful security operation resulting from the International Balloon Festival, in which dozens of members of the National Guard and the Mexican Army participated.

Since 7 in the morning, the 911 emergency line registered calls for help reporting the discovery of a lifeless woman, shot to death in the house where she lived, on Puente Levadizo Street in the Castillo Azul neighborhood.

The phone rang again, now reporting a series of firearm detonations on Barra de Navidad street in the San Pedro de los Hernández neighborhood. When the emergencies arrived, they found the lifeless body of a 37-year-old man. Neighbors report that two men on a motorcycle caught up with him when he was walking and shot him.

Moments later, the execution of two young people was reported in the Valle de Señora neighborhood. The boys, aged 27 and 24, were chatting on the street when, on another motorcycle, individuals shot them.

Before noon, on the outskirts of the city, on the local road that connects the rural communities of Nuevo Valle de Moreno with El Sauz Seco, the lifeless body of another man was found. His body was abandoned in the middle of the road, with a gunshot wound to the head.

At night, authorities found the pieces of a man, wrapped in plastic bags.

The events occurred around 7 p.m., in the El Peñón neighborhood.

Hours later, around 11 at night, but in the city of Irapuato, armed individuals killed a man about 35 years old, on Libertad Street in the Rodríguez neighborhood.

No arrests were reported in any case.

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