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Boiled egg is beneficial for health, know for how many days it can be kept safe.

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Everyone knows that eggs contain rich nutrients. Many people like to eat eggs for breakfast. Especially fitness freaks make boiled eggs a part of their diet. But do you know, within how much time should boiled eggs be consumed and for how long can they be stored? Egg is rich in nutrition and protein. Whether cold or hot, egg is considered good for health. Eggs should be stored properly. Should be refrigerated or frozen. But the question is, after how much time should you eat boiled eggs? Most people like to eat eggs for breakfast. Some people like to eat omelet after boiling eggs.

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Egg is considered good for health. It is rich in many nutrients. At the same time it keeps the body energetic. Eggs are rich in protein, iron, vitamins A, B6, B12, folate, amino acids, phosphorus and selenium and essential unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, oleic acid). Hard-boiled eggs are a good source of protein and nutrients. Egg is the best option from breakfast to snacks.

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Eggs are kept frozen to keep them fresh for a longer period. Now the question arises that after how much time should a boiled egg be eaten? For your information, let us tell you that you can store hard boiled eggs for 5-7 days and eat them comfortably. No side effects will be seen on health.

If the eggs are not being consumed for a long time after boiling, then it is important that you do not remove the peel. Because by doing this the inner layer of the egg will be exposed and it can also come in contact with dangerous bacteria along with the air.

Boiled eggs can be preserved in this way

—When you have boiled the eggs, immediately put them in cold water and let them cool.

-When they cool down, wipe them with a dry cloth.

—Now you can keep them inside the fridge for safekeeping. If you freeze them soon, they are saved from coming in contact with bad bacteria. In fact, when boiled eggs are kept at a temperature below 4 degrees, the bacteria in it grow at a slower rate.

—Leave boiled eggs at room temperature for only two hours at most. After this keep them in the refrigerator.

—You can keep eggs closed in an air tight container. Also, do not keep them in the door, keep them in the inner shelf only. Due to this their temperature will remain the same. Whereas by keeping them on the doors of the fridge, their temperature can change frequently.

-Keeping boiled eggs in the refrigerator can cause foul smell, which is caused by hydrogen sulphide. This gas is also produced when eggs are boiled. But it is not harmful in any way. Be careful not to keep them in the freezer. By doing this, they will become more hard and their taste may also become a bit strange.

eat cracked eggs immediately

If you are not going to consume the boiled egg immediately, then do not peel it. When you want to eat an egg, remove its peel and eat it immediately. Due to this it will not come in contact with bacteria. If the egg bursts while boiling, eat it immediately. Don’t forget to keep it in the fridge.

Egg remains edible for 7 days. Many times it happens that after keeping the egg in the refrigerator, there is a possibility of it getting spoiled due to some things. But let us tell you that the United States Department of Agriculture says that when the egg is stored properly, it remains edible for 7 days.

Identify bad eggs in this way

If you feel that the egg has gone bad, then see if the egg shell has become sticky, or its color has become chocolatey. If this is the case then the egg is not edible. Keep in mind that if the egg is spoiled then do not consume it. By doing this you may face problems like diarrhoea, vomiting and nervousness.

Apart from this, if you are not able to guess from this then try tearing the egg. By its smell you will understand whether it is bad or not. Many people see the green color of egg yolk and consider it bad. But this happens when the egg has been overcooked. This may spoil the taste of mouth when eaten. But it is safe to eat.

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